Friday, September 14, 2012


I went to my apartment at Beverly, Bundusan yesterday and there was a yellow letter on my door from the management of the Apartment just addressed to the unit number without the owner’s name. I took it and unlock the door before reading the letter. I seldom received a yellow letter and it must be something not right I thought.

I was shocked after reading the letter that I owed the management a total sum of RM3, 168.81 of overdue payment by more than one (1) month. If I failed to pay it within 14 days, water supply shall be disconnected. I was really angry as my accounts and payment are all updated and my last payment was done on the 27th August 2012. I locked my apartment and drove to the management office which was a stone throw from my apartment.

Me   :   Could you explain to me why I received this warning letter and the outstanding due?

Staff   :   Can I have the letter and let me check first.

Me   :   I have been paying my bill without fail and my water bill for last month was less than RM5.00.

Staff   :   I suspect there was a glitch in the water meter reading and we will rectify the problem.

The staff asked for my contact number for further action. I called again the management regarding the matter and they will contact me later after rectifying the matter within their side. I have to look for the previous bills just in case they will pursue the matter and ask me to pay for the outstanding payment. I had this problem before and requested them to change the meter.

I wonder why it always happen to those people who really honest and abiding citizens and not to the people who goes against the law. Points to Ponder.