Thursday, October 30, 2008


Grab from DE - Langkawit

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Have you check your tyre recently?

I had a punctured tyre recently but just changed it with the spare tyre as I was in a hurry to go to work. I managed to visit the tyre service shop last Saturday to repair the punctured tyre. I decided to interchange my front tyre with the rear tyre as to maximize the tyre performance.

If you decided to interchange the wheel, the wheel must need tyre balancing as well as wheel alignment. When all the process is met, the mechanic will check whether any side of the wheel wear or tear badly (makan tayar). If any side of the wheel found having bad wear, some adjustment is done to offset the wear. Nowadays, it will take a short time performing that process as compared previously. They will use some string and water hose filled with water for the alignment process. All the process now is computerized and easy as what is needed a good mechanic to operate it.

This is a tip of the day to all new drivers.

Monday, October 27, 2008


It was reported that a hearse had its journey to a burial site disrupted after it was involved in an accident with a minibus. Since the hearse could not move after the accident, the dead body had to be carried by several people to the burial ground nearby. Minor injuries only occurred to one of the dead man's relative. Others escaped unscathed, including the dead man body. It was reported in today’s newspaper.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Chinese Proverb:

When someone shares something of value with you and you benefit from it, you have a moral obligation to share it with others.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Last Sunday I attended my sister in-law birthday dinner at one of the restaurant in town. It was my first dinner at that restaurant and I was impressed by the d├ęcor and best ambience of the restaurant which suit for family dinner and for parties amongst friends. According to its website which I took from the business card, there are strings of branches throughout the nation.

There were singers entertaining the diners from table to table. When it was our table turn, a happy birthday song was sung followed by a series of evergreen English songs and the ever popular Sayang-sayang Kinabalu. We sang along with the entertainers and sway our body to the beat of the guitar. I never experienced such a treat by a restaurant management to have its resident entertainers singing to the diners before. It was a really a cool thing to me.

It was a prawn course that halted my appetite for a while as unfortunately a green worm was crawling on top of the dish. My sister-in-law was trying to pick the worm with her chopstick when we told her to stop and called the waitress instead. Fortunately, the dish was just put on our table when we noticed the crawling worm. The worm must have come from the leaves as decorations to the dish. We didn’t make so much fuss about it as it was taken immediately while the singers were trying to divert our attention to their singing which proves successful. The management must have a sigh of relief as the celebrant didn’t make so much fuss. I hope she had a good discount instead.

Monday, October 20, 2008


I checked my central lock with a technician at one of the accessories shop and found to be faulty (I changed the faulty original before with cheap central lock ). I pick a much better central lock with the price of almost RM200. In the midst of installing and testing, one of the lock fails to function. It won’t lock or unlock when the remote control was activated. It was just like a tape player where the ejection button fails to eject the cassette from the tape player. It was found the ejection pump of one of the lock faulty and need replacing which costs me RM17. After a long wait, the installation was completed.

A few days later the passenger side lock failed to function and also when the car was not locked, it automatically locked which was correct as what I was informed. The problem was that the lock won’t push in and when you open the car door the alarm will be activated.

I went to see the technician again and another ejection pump was replaced and I was charged RM30. I asked them to solve the other problem but after checking and even calling their central alarm agent in KL, they failed to solve it. I also ask the technician to adjust the sensor sensitivity as it was irritating even a knock on the car hood, a thunder or heavy rain will triggered the alarm system.

*Faulty ejection Pump

I informed them to look for me when they can solve the problem as I was in a hurry to attend a birthday party lunch.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Organic vegetables and now organic chicken was introduced to the consumer who are now health conscious society. It never crosses my mind about organic things before but when I come across it in the market or supermarket, I am now aware of its existence. Although the price is much higher than the commercial feed chicken, consumers still buy it.

Rearing organic chicken, which tastes similar to the ‘ayam kampung’ but has more flesh, the meat tastier, firmer and stronger. It also has low fat level and suitable for people who practices healthy lifestyle or people with high blood pressure or high cholesterol.

Some of the chicken feed used to feed the chicken is Soya bean, rice bran, wheat ban and fishmeal mix. Apart from that they also add specially formulated formula into the feed.

It is most satisfying knowing that the chicken we buy are healthy produce and hope others in the industry would shift toward organic farming for a health conscious society.


I still think that preparing rice congee using ‘Ayam kampung’ is the best. When I was small, I remembered eating rice congee and was only given one chicken thigh and top portion of the chicken wing which resembled the chicken thigh. Every time my mum cooked congee, I was looking forward to be given the chicken thigh. It was a bit unusual to cooked congee with big chicken parts but that was what my mother did. The big chicken parts were for the kids while the organs and other chicken parts were for the adults then.

Ever tried keeping cooked chicken portion (steamed) inside a jar of salt? I used to keep my chicken portion inside a jar of salt and kept it overnight inside the jar. I found it tasteful and delicious when eaten afterward. I was doing it during my studying days but haven’t done it for decade.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


I acted as a reporter today as I interviewed a young lady at her stall selling local fruits. She is on her early 20’s but already has the mission to be young and enterprising entrepreneur in the future. She has been selling local fruits at the stall since 3 years ago. She has a 19 years brother helping her with the stall.

When asked how much she makes at the end of the day, she merely answered ‘boleh lah’. When I pressed furthered, she said she could sell almost RM100 worth of fruits depending on the situation like pay day.

I bought 2 types of local fruits, Banana and Mangoes. For two Mangoes cost me RM6.00 and the Banana RM3.00. I was trying to convinced the young lady to get her picture but maybe change her mind after telling her I blogged. Maybe the brother would not mind but too bad he was not at the stall at the time.

Grilled egg plant soaked in eggs and fried
On friday we went for our lunch and discovered this menu which was delicious. It was a grilled brinjal or eggplant soaked in a beaten egg mix with ingredient like chop pasley, chilli and onion and fried.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


I opened my yahoo email last night and one message from my messenger of a friend informing of a blog address. I opened the blog and there was a new blog member registered only this Month. There was no introduction but a well written Banana recipe as its first posting and maybe I will try the recipe one day.

A very unique title of the blog which is called Bachelor easy recipes (I hope I am correct as I did bookmark it at my home PC … drafting my blog post at my office PC). The owner called himself as ‘FOODY UNCLE’. Looking forward to a very interesting blog posting from our new blog member and hope to learn what’s on the menu from time to time.

Congratulation on your new blog Uncle foody …. Are you concentrating more on food in your posting?

Sunday, October 05, 2008

7 anti-aging super foods

When we discovered our first gray hair, some of us were visibly confronted with the reality that we are aging. When we grew older there are dos and don’ts on our eating habits as some of us have health implication such as high blood pressure, diabetes and other implications. I read about some articles regarding how to eat to age healthfully. There are seven category of healthy food that may slow down the aging process in us. Try some of the food in your diet and good luck!






Olive Oil


Friday, October 03, 2008


I was complaining about the searing temperatures on the first day of Hari raya yesterday in my blog posting but ended with a heavy downpour yesterday afternoon. It was reported in today’s newspaper that the street of Kota Kinabalu city turned to virtual rivers. Many complained of sweaty discomfort under the intense heat characteristic of the weather condition of late. Average temperature in Kota Kinabalu was found to have increased by one degree Celcius since the 60’s as said by a local geology professor.

As I was typing this posting, the sky darken amidst intermittent sound of thunder can be heard. Our office closed for three days as we were given another off day (Friday) as majority of our staff are Muslim. All goverment department and private sectors are open as usual.

Yesterday morning (2nd Day of Hari raya) I went to TAMU (Market) ground in Donggongon just to look around and I brought my camera just in case there’s some interesting to snap at. Actually, there were a lot of interesting items to shoot at but sometimes felt embarrass to take pictures. Here are some of the pictures that I managed to snap.

Pix 1 - Local Handicraft for sale

Pix 2 & 3 - Old tradition never die. You will find anything that our Mums, Auntie's and great grandma's needs

Pix 4 - Unique way to keep knives inside a cage. Good for safety reason.

Pix 5 & 6 - Although it's only 2nd day of Hari raya but our Muslim friends were selling their prawns, dried salted fish and anchovies.

Pix 7,8 & 9 - Fresh water fish like Catfish, Jalak and Eel were also on sale.

Thursday, October 02, 2008


It had been a very hot first day Hari raya and spent most of the time watching TV and surfing the internet. I went for an early walk at the Jogging track at Bukit Padang around 4.00 pm but alas there were a lot of people there already. I spent about more than an hour walking around the jogging track which covered 6.3 KM.

Today, the 2nd day of Hari Raya also a very hot day but at least windy although the sun is so bright. I read in the newspaper today regarding a suggestion by an Australian scientist to eat Kangaroo to fight global warming. It was said that the belching and farting of millions of farm animals is a major contributor to gas emissions.

Kangaroos, on the other hand, emit negligible amounts of methane gas. In the report livestock, mainly cattle and sheep are responsible for some 67% of agricultural greenhouse gas emissions.

Well, it would be nice to eat Kangaroo’s meat if it will help reduce global warming but finding the meat here in Malaysia must be hard to get. Secondly, how many people dare to eat kangaroo’s meat?

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Have you experienced most of the shop closed during the first day of Hari raya? This morning I went to ATM kiosk to pay for my credit card facility in town and observed the road was almost empty except for the Muslim friends donning their Malay attire going to the state mosque for prayer. After paying for my minimum credit facility, I observed most of the Chinese restaurants were closed including my favourite restaurants.

One unique feature of Malaysian celebrations is the concept celebrating it by all the races. When one of the races celebrated their festival, all Malaysians join to celebrate it and held open houses and invite friends to their house.

In a Malaysian family of Sabah origin, it is not surprising to see members of the family consisting of many religions to celebrate major celebration together. They believed religion should never be an obstacle for a family to celebrate together. They felt that they are never different from one another although they have different beliefs.

When celebration like Hari raya, two to three days before Hari raya, the office where the percentage of Muslim staff are high, the office becomes ghost office because many of the Muslim staff are on leave for Balik Kampung. It is good for the non-Muslim also for they will have less work. To all Muslim friends ‘SELAMAT HARI RAYA’ to you and your family.