Saturday, October 11, 2008


I acted as a reporter today as I interviewed a young lady at her stall selling local fruits. She is on her early 20’s but already has the mission to be young and enterprising entrepreneur in the future. She has been selling local fruits at the stall since 3 years ago. She has a 19 years brother helping her with the stall.

When asked how much she makes at the end of the day, she merely answered ‘boleh lah’. When I pressed furthered, she said she could sell almost RM100 worth of fruits depending on the situation like pay day.

I bought 2 types of local fruits, Banana and Mangoes. For two Mangoes cost me RM6.00 and the Banana RM3.00. I was trying to convinced the young lady to get her picture but maybe change her mind after telling her I blogged. Maybe the brother would not mind but too bad he was not at the stall at the time.

Grilled egg plant soaked in eggs and fried
On friday we went for our lunch and discovered this menu which was delicious. It was a grilled brinjal or eggplant soaked in a beaten egg mix with ingredient like chop pasley, chilli and onion and fried.

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