Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Organic vegetables and now organic chicken was introduced to the consumer who are now health conscious society. It never crosses my mind about organic things before but when I come across it in the market or supermarket, I am now aware of its existence. Although the price is much higher than the commercial feed chicken, consumers still buy it.

Rearing organic chicken, which tastes similar to the ‘ayam kampung’ but has more flesh, the meat tastier, firmer and stronger. It also has low fat level and suitable for people who practices healthy lifestyle or people with high blood pressure or high cholesterol.

Some of the chicken feed used to feed the chicken is Soya bean, rice bran, wheat ban and fishmeal mix. Apart from that they also add specially formulated formula into the feed.

It is most satisfying knowing that the chicken we buy are healthy produce and hope others in the industry would shift toward organic farming for a health conscious society.


I still think that preparing rice congee using ‘Ayam kampung’ is the best. When I was small, I remembered eating rice congee and was only given one chicken thigh and top portion of the chicken wing which resembled the chicken thigh. Every time my mum cooked congee, I was looking forward to be given the chicken thigh. It was a bit unusual to cooked congee with big chicken parts but that was what my mother did. The big chicken parts were for the kids while the organs and other chicken parts were for the adults then.

Ever tried keeping cooked chicken portion (steamed) inside a jar of salt? I used to keep my chicken portion inside a jar of salt and kept it overnight inside the jar. I found it tasteful and delicious when eaten afterward. I was doing it during my studying days but haven’t done it for decade.

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