Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Last Sunday I attended my sister in-law birthday dinner at one of the restaurant in town. It was my first dinner at that restaurant and I was impressed by the d├ęcor and best ambience of the restaurant which suit for family dinner and for parties amongst friends. According to its website which I took from the business card, there are strings of branches throughout the nation.

There were singers entertaining the diners from table to table. When it was our table turn, a happy birthday song was sung followed by a series of evergreen English songs and the ever popular Sayang-sayang Kinabalu. We sang along with the entertainers and sway our body to the beat of the guitar. I never experienced such a treat by a restaurant management to have its resident entertainers singing to the diners before. It was a really a cool thing to me.

It was a prawn course that halted my appetite for a while as unfortunately a green worm was crawling on top of the dish. My sister-in-law was trying to pick the worm with her chopstick when we told her to stop and called the waitress instead. Fortunately, the dish was just put on our table when we noticed the crawling worm. The worm must have come from the leaves as decorations to the dish. We didn’t make so much fuss about it as it was taken immediately while the singers were trying to divert our attention to their singing which proves successful. The management must have a sigh of relief as the celebrant didn’t make so much fuss. I hope she had a good discount instead.

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