Thursday, April 07, 2011


One of my responsibilities is to compile all monthly reports and prepare performance in our department. To be able to finish it before the target date, I need the report from various sections within our department and most of the time I have to remind them to send it on time. One particular staff missed sending one report and called her to send it but she insisted that she had sent it. As I don’t want to argue with her, I copied and paste the format on my email as well as the file attachment thinking that she will make the report on the file attachment. I explained in my email that should there be no report just makes remark as NIL. To my horror and amusement, she edited my email and just wrote NIL.

Staff: Boss, I already edited as below. Thank You.

I just smile to myself as how this young staff simply responded by editing my email as her report. I filled up the report myself and relayed what I encountered to my colleague and sure did he have a good laugh. I did have a good laugh too.


Every day I drive through a road leading to a secondary School (St Francis Secondary School Kota Kinabalu) and every time there was a traffic jam during the peak hour of the school opening in the morning. What causes the traffic jam was the attitude of the parents of the student who drop their children right in front of the school gate. The time I spent during the jam somehow brought me to a realisation of overindulging of the children on the part of the parent. If they can help it, they will drive through their children to the classroom. I noticed that there was a long stretch of dropping bay less than thirty metre to the school main entrance but not used to drop the children. Pampering your children will only cause them to become what you do not want: brats. Let them walk the short distance will not in any way burden them.

When children are spoiled they come to expect it. They think that everyone in the world was put there to cater to their needs. That is not the right attitude. Children need to learn that the world will not cater to their needs. If they want things, they have to work for them. If they are spoiled, those expectations will cripple them for life because others will not appreciate dealing with a spoiled someone that thinks the world revolves around them.

Think about it parents, think of other road users who suffered by your action.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011


I was able to cut down my time on watching Korean Drama and sometime it will take me about a week or more to finish a story. Time was not on me actually. My actual aim was to review the most interesting film that I watched but changed it to the method of purchasing and how to purchase the most popular film in the market.

Every time we went out for lunch, we will look for a restaurant which is nearer and with ample parking space. If we find out that the food is to our liking, we will visit it often and make sure you engage the proprietor of the restaurant in small talk. Once you’re comfortable with them, make a joke once in a while though you may not have the privilege of free meal but you tend to have a good service from them and maybe the first to taste their latest menu. It is the same trick that I used when purchasing DVD at some DVD outlet at Megalong and in no time you will have no problem in getting the latest films (Korean) and apart from that I could asked for a replacement of the film if I found it not to my liking. I never failed in that area but make sure you buy their DVD honestly and at the same time bargain with them if they forcefully recommended a certain film but ‘watch first and pay later’ agreement. Make sure you acquire the trust from them first by honestly paying it when you found it to be a good film. Honestly, I did return back few films that I don’t like but make sure to exchange with another film and not refunded.

Presently I am watching a Korean film which was forcefully recommended to me with the ‘watch first pay later’ agreement (3 cds). I just started on the 2nd CD and I found it to be a very interesting Korean drama where a government agency was trying to protect a nuclear reactor pursued by a dangerous group called Athena where they killed the developer of the Nuclear reactor. It may need few more days to finish the film and until that I don’t have more to review.

You can try my method but it may be successful sometime but not all the time, it happen to some people but not to all people. Good luck.

Friday, April 01, 2011


What do you do when an unmarried lady in your office aggressively complaining and raising her voice without any regards to her office mate?

She has a very big attitude problem and her behaviour annoys us at times. She will at time shocked us by shouting, banging the phone and banging her table to show her displeasure to someone whose performance are not to her expectation. Ever since we moved to this office I cannot tolerate her problematic behaviour giving me so much tension. She is from different unit of our department but shared the office with us.

There was a time where after receiving complaint from the meeting room (our office near meeting room) to tone down but once you have bad mentality and oblivious disregard of other human being proved meaningless. She would not change.

I tried to find out what causes her attitude problem by looking for causes in the internet and I could only come up with variables that cause it.

- Have a chemical imbalance in the body structure

- Hormones are shifted, lost and released at certain points in time

- Menstrual periods

- Naturally having mental complex attitude

She came to my table as I was writing asking for favour and I just acknowledge her by bowing my head afraid that she would see what I was writing.

‘I am stressed’ she said as she left my table.