Thursday, April 07, 2011


Every day I drive through a road leading to a secondary School (St Francis Secondary School Kota Kinabalu) and every time there was a traffic jam during the peak hour of the school opening in the morning. What causes the traffic jam was the attitude of the parents of the student who drop their children right in front of the school gate. The time I spent during the jam somehow brought me to a realisation of overindulging of the children on the part of the parent. If they can help it, they will drive through their children to the classroom. I noticed that there was a long stretch of dropping bay less than thirty metre to the school main entrance but not used to drop the children. Pampering your children will only cause them to become what you do not want: brats. Let them walk the short distance will not in any way burden them.

When children are spoiled they come to expect it. They think that everyone in the world was put there to cater to their needs. That is not the right attitude. Children need to learn that the world will not cater to their needs. If they want things, they have to work for them. If they are spoiled, those expectations will cripple them for life because others will not appreciate dealing with a spoiled someone that thinks the world revolves around them.

Think about it parents, think of other road users who suffered by your action.

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