Friday, January 21, 2011


My bathroom water pipe was leaking the night before and since it was already late, I just left it like that. It was about 5.30 am after my shower that I decided to fix it by tightening the screw. As I was doing the tightening, it broke at the connection which forced me to switch off the main pipe stopper. Since I don’t want to be late for work, I inform my nephew to ask his father’s help to look for a plumber.

It was before lunch time, I was informed that a plumber was repairing the broken pipe and I went home to see what need to be done. I informed the plumber of what to be replaced and discussed about his labour and materials costs. I gave him RM100 as for materials and labour service which I think was reasonable at that time.

I was home in the evening and checked the work done but was disappointed that it was a shoddy work where a pipe stopper was not installed and the piping was not properly laid. I regretted to pay him that much.

Later my nephew asks me whether I was satisfied with the work done.

Butizaon: Emergency like this we cannot complain much.

Moral of the story : Be satisfied of what you get during emergency situation.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


When a particular pastor of which I really concentrate when he gave his sermon last Saturday always amazes me with his blunt views whether about our religious obligation or about any general topic. He would start his sermon by concentrating on the readings of the gospel accentuated with humorous phrases as well as hard hitting words to those people who seldom pray.

Pastor :

I am not an Angel you know, I looked at beautiful girls too. I know most of you especially married guys like to see beautiful ladies but I will remove my spectacle so that my vision is blurring.

Monday, January 10, 2011


Last Saturday I was in a salon with my barber for my hair cut. I was with other beauty salon for many years but decided to change with my present salon due to its fast service. I was having a good time reading a newspaper and at the same time having my hair cut when a middle-aged woman enter the salon and announced loudly to the whole world why she was there.

Woman : I need facial treatment because I am attending a wedding function later in the day.

Hair stylist : Ooh (she was attending with another customer).

The woman repeat it again when another hair stylist asked her what facial treatment she need.

I read a passage that I want to share with you all why such behaviour of needing attention in what the woman did.

‘The emotionally immature person, however, has low levels of self-esteem and self-confidence and consequently feels insecure; to counter these feelings of insecurity they will spend a large proportion of their lives creating situations in which they become the centre of attention. It may be that the need for attention is inversely proportional to emotional maturity, therefore anyone indulging in attention-seeking behaviours is telling you how emotionally immature they are.’

Later, I saw the woman having her eye-brow plucked.

Friday, January 07, 2011


It was few years back that I watched a Korean Drama titled Winter Sonata through our local TV station and the last one was on VCD, Full House.

Every time I called my sister in-law, she always talk about Korean Drama on the cable channel which I was unaware of. Later I looked for Korean dramas on the net when I was online and took note of the most popular dramas reviews for my visit to the video shop.

A very good and convincing salesgirl was able to convinced me to buy a couple of good Korean drama and damn I was hooked with the first film which was the ‘Goong’ followed by several drama which proved to be ‘addictive’ so to speak. Previously when I watched a film, I felt sleepy but this Korean drama proved otherwise. Imagine me still watching it almost 3.00 o’clock in the morning.

Since I came back to work after my long leave, I was able to cut down the hours of watching the drama and eventually shall stop for the time being until my next annual leave. I don’t mind to look for the film if any readers here recommend me some of the interesting Korean drama or share their views or reviews of the drama that they had watched.

Still prefer Korean drama to Japanese drama ....

HELLO 2011

Almost a year ago I was actively posting my articles in this blog but stopped in February 2010 without any valid reason. I blame it on the many networking available which is the choice of everybody now. Many of the active bloggers seem to be ‘gulung tikar’ (stopped blogging).

I was browsing through when I decided to look at all my posting before and decided to continue posting again though not as active before but we’ll see as time goes by.

My first posting should be about my activities during my year end leave (December 2010).

Even though I was inactive for a couple of months but it amazed me that I still manage to get visit from net surfers and it feel good. So guys welcome back ...