Friday, January 07, 2011


It was few years back that I watched a Korean Drama titled Winter Sonata through our local TV station and the last one was on VCD, Full House.

Every time I called my sister in-law, she always talk about Korean Drama on the cable channel which I was unaware of. Later I looked for Korean dramas on the net when I was online and took note of the most popular dramas reviews for my visit to the video shop.

A very good and convincing salesgirl was able to convinced me to buy a couple of good Korean drama and damn I was hooked with the first film which was the ‘Goong’ followed by several drama which proved to be ‘addictive’ so to speak. Previously when I watched a film, I felt sleepy but this Korean drama proved otherwise. Imagine me still watching it almost 3.00 o’clock in the morning.

Since I came back to work after my long leave, I was able to cut down the hours of watching the drama and eventually shall stop for the time being until my next annual leave. I don’t mind to look for the film if any readers here recommend me some of the interesting Korean drama or share their views or reviews of the drama that they had watched.

Still prefer Korean drama to Japanese drama ....

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