Thursday, December 27, 2012

Last Posting for the year 2012

It has been the past few months that I haven't updated my blog and I decided that before the year ends, better to update it.

I was on pilgrimage a month ago and was preparing for the trip for sometimes and it did stopped me with posting articles on my blog. There was really a lot to share about the trip and in due course will try to share with you all. I will be going to Vietnam tomorrow morning (Friday) and will celebrate new year there. It was a dream come true as I really want to visit Vietnam. Surely, I will share the visit when I came back from the tour.

Wishing friends and readers of my blog 'Happy New Year 2013'.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

My Extended Morning Breakfast with a Friend

Ever since I was ‘unemployed’, I tend to sleep a bit longer as compared previously as I woke up as early as 5.00 am and sometimes around 4.30 am in the morning. I hated the traffic jam and would try to avoid it. I would be in the office around 7.00 am in the morning. My waking time now is around 7.30 am and 8.00 am but mostly at 8.00 am. My mobile phone rang at almost 8.00 am and I was still in bed.

Me   :   Hello

Friend   :   Are you still on your bed.

Me   :   No .. no already woke up. What’s up?

Friend   :   Are you free …. What about breakfast?

Me   :   Where are you now?

Friend   :   Near Karamunsing area, sent my wife to her workplace and on my way back.

Me   :   Not working today?

Friend   :   No, just came back from outstation. Wait for you near Scenario restaurant parking space.

Me   :   Ok. So what do you want for breakfast?

Friend   :   It’s up to you.

Me   :   Restaurant Wan-Wan okay?

Friend   :  Ok fine.

I jump down from my bed and did a record time doing my morning ritual in about 15 minutes. I wore short pant as I felt more comfortable using it now. It reminds me of a friend who saw me wearing a creamy short pant and a white t-shirt and he called me ‘tuan’. When the British was governing our state the local people will addressed them as ‘tuan’. (Tuan - used in Malay as a form of respectful address for a man, equivalent to sir or mister. I thought it was not wrong to be addressed as such once in a while ... lol. I like to see someone wearing a white/creamy short pant and a white T-shirt as it looked clean, smart and tidy.

I stay just a mile or less from Donggongon town here in Penampang and it only took me a minute or two to reach the town. I had stopped for my newspaper and when I reached our meeting place, my friend was already there. I waited for him in my vehicle for the Wan-wan restaurant breakfast of fish soup noodles.

Me   :   Good morning. Waited for me for long?

Friend   :   Just arrived also.

I am a person that put up a hand for a handshake when meeting friends but he beat me with his extended hand. I was surprised but took his hand as a compliment. It was long time haven't met him though.

As usual I will ordered noodle soup with fish filet with internal organ and my friend with his favourite Tom Yam soup noodles. Tom Yam is a spicy soup typical in Laos and Thailand. Tom Yam is widely served in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, and has popularized around the world.

Literally, the words 'Tom Yam' are derived from two Thai words : Tom and Yam. Tom refers to boiling process (soup in this case). Yam refers to a kind of Lao and Thai spicy and sour salad. Thus, Tom Yam is a Lao and Thai hot and sour soup. Indeed, Tom Yam is characterized by its distinct hot and sour flavors with fragrant herbs generously used in the broth. The basic broth is made of stock and fresh ingredients such as lemon grass, kaffir, lime leaves, galanggal, lime juice, fish sauce and crushed chili peppers.

I never understand my friend how he likes that spicy Tom Yam soup and yet he still asked for a chili paste for dipping the fish flesh before consuming it.

It was Friday and my friend would be heading for his Friday prayer around noon but still had time to visit the Tamu Donggongon.

Tamu or Bazaar is the best place to watch local folks mingle as they do business. Fresh produce is often on display as well as a variety of unique delicacies. You can find just about anything there so it’s sure to be a shopping experience like no other.

As I was approaching a stall where I bought my Hawaiian Papaya every week, I saw the stall owner interviewed by a European man and she seem explaining something to him but too far for me to hear what was being said. After she was interviewed I asked her what it was all about. The European man was asking why our government was not letting them to bring the Mango fruits whenever they bought it and was not allowed when they tried to bring it out of the country.

Me   :   It is the government policy and some procedures should be followed.

Stall owner   :   Why did I think of that when explaining to him?

As we were strolling around the Tamu ground, I noticed a green leafy plant among the vegetables and a note was attached to it explaining that it could cure many types of cancer disease. Another plant with a soothing aromatic smell was sold that could cure someone with a resdung/nose ailment/disease and ear infection.

There was a bean shape-like called Terung Buncit which translated as Bloated Egg plant and since I haven’t tasted it before but was curious of how to prepare it to be eaten.

Me   :   How to eat this fruit.

Stall owner   :   It is good to make sambal mix with chili and belacan (Shrimp paste).

Sambal is a chili-based sauce that is usually used as a condiment.

Eventually my friend bought a leafy vegetable that can be a good salad. Pluck the leaves, squeeze it and pour lime juice, salt to taste and chili as you prefer. I tried to warn him as the taste would be foreign to him but insisted to try it.

It was time for us to leave the Tamu ground and took some pictures for sharing with my readers my extended morning breakfast.

Friday, September 14, 2012


I went to my apartment at Beverly, Bundusan yesterday and there was a yellow letter on my door from the management of the Apartment just addressed to the unit number without the owner’s name. I took it and unlock the door before reading the letter. I seldom received a yellow letter and it must be something not right I thought.

I was shocked after reading the letter that I owed the management a total sum of RM3, 168.81 of overdue payment by more than one (1) month. If I failed to pay it within 14 days, water supply shall be disconnected. I was really angry as my accounts and payment are all updated and my last payment was done on the 27th August 2012. I locked my apartment and drove to the management office which was a stone throw from my apartment.

Me   :   Could you explain to me why I received this warning letter and the outstanding due?

Staff   :   Can I have the letter and let me check first.

Me   :   I have been paying my bill without fail and my water bill for last month was less than RM5.00.

Staff   :   I suspect there was a glitch in the water meter reading and we will rectify the problem.

The staff asked for my contact number for further action. I called again the management regarding the matter and they will contact me later after rectifying the matter within their side. I have to look for the previous bills just in case they will pursue the matter and ask me to pay for the outstanding payment. I had this problem before and requested them to change the meter.

I wonder why it always happen to those people who really honest and abiding citizens and not to the people who goes against the law. Points to Ponder.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

ORANG SABAH STYLE - Oppa Gangnam Style Parody

Gangnam Style is a 2012 K-pop single by the South Korean rapper Psy. It has led to various user generated parodies and reaction videos from all over the world. Gangnam Style is spreading like wildfire and millions around the globe have become obsessed.

Gangnam Style is widely praised for its humor, catchy rhythm as well as Psy’s unusual dance moves that have introduced many people to K-pop. First released on July 15, 2012, it entered the Gaon Chart singles chart at number one upon release.

I have read about the phenomena of the Oppa Gangnam style Parody but just brush it out as another music style of the music industry especially the younger generation style of music. It was once again triggering my curiosity of the music when I read in the facebook that the Gangnam style parody has reached the shore of Sabah.

The song titled ORANG SABAH STYLE (Oppa Gangnam Style Parody). The song is in Hakka (Chinese) but there is English translation at the bottom of the video unless you are blind as opposed to some comments about the video.

The song is about humor as well as a way to introduce Sabah as a tourism destination where the songs mentioned about the places to visit, the good food and of course the beautiful ladies of Sabah. I think it is much better to hear the song yourself although it is a Chinese song but song that was done Sabah Style gangnam version.

Some of the lyrics of the Orang Sabah style I managed to understand are as follows;

Sabah Orang (Ulang ..) style
Many people say that Sabah has many beautiful girls
Do you really know how big Sabah really is?
From Kudat to Tawau, there are many beautiful girls but most of the girls have come to Kota Kinabalu.

On the way … (under wear .. hahah) Sabah love to say
When they are still at home, they still say On the way
When they are in Toilet, they say on the way
Coming almost there ..

Come to Sabah, wanna try the seafood. Go to Island and mount kinabalu as well.
Not only beautiful girls but we also have Urang utan
And also gua ..shemale and many beautiful girls.

Other than sightseeing, there are also food delights
Steam and fried dumpling and tan gong mee (Sandakan food) Tuaran mee and konlon mee
Baby just wanna eat Sang Nyuk Mian, You know what I am saying.
Sexy lady .. Ulang Sabah Style

Orang Sabah Style wish all Malaysian fellows
Happy National day, regardless of west or East Malaysia
We are one family
Happy national day.

When I watched the video yesterday it had only 28,000 hits but this morning it has already hits 274,000 and counting. As a Sabahan style of Gangnam and was just publish in Youtube since 27 August 2012 I do not see why it cannot reached 300,000 by tomorrow morning.

Way to go Orang Sabah style we support you.

Saturday, August 25, 2012


After eating Filipino Buko (Buco) salad, I remembered that I did make it last time after using the recipe I read few years back. I handwritten copied the simple menu and went to buy the necessary ingredient for making it.

I had already bought the tinned fruit salad, daily milk and few other things except for the young coconut. I went to Bukit Padang to buy the young coconut as the stall that I usually bought my young coconut before was out of stock due to the Hariraya holidays.

Me   :   Do you have thick young coconut but not hard coconut flesh?

Stall owner   : I think I have 3 coconuts left like what you wanted.

Me   :   Ok I’ll take it.

Stall owner   : That should be RM9.00.

I paid my coconuts and drive out of the parking bay towards the roundabout and bump I felt as I was hitting something. I looked at my rear mirror and saw the car behind me too close to my bumper and realized that I was hit from behind. I get out of my car and a young guy who was driving the car behind me came out of his car also. Before I could see the damage, the guy was clasping his hand, making a Japanese bow and asking for forgiveness.

Guy   :   I am sorry, forgive me. Nothing was broken or dented.

I checked my car and nothing was broken and smile to the guy as a sign of forgiving him. I was also relieved that I didn’t drive my other car. I was also happy that nothing happened as it would have been troublesome to deal with accident especially to a very arrogant person as I experience before. The young guy did have a huge smile and relieved.

In spite of the small matter, I made my Buko or Buco salad before I went for the wedding reception dinner but nearly drench myself because of the heavy rain.

I did not follow exactly the amount of the ingredient and it was perfect and I was tempted to increase the amount of daily milk cream/whipping cream or condense milk as it was also nice with less milk. It is really up to the individuals of how sweet you want their Buko salad tastes.

After putting it in the freezer overnight, it was really delicious when eaten on a hot day.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

BALUT - Filipino Favourite

On the 2nd day of Hari raya I went to town for my lunch instead of visiting a friend who text me to come to his house on the second day of Hari raya. I went to Beverly Hill town ship at Jalan Bundusan and most of the restaurant was closed except for a few. I was at the Melimewa supermarket undecided whether to eat at home or eating fast food. I was lazy to cook and decided to look for a restaurant which was opened.

I was told by my nephew (having Filipino blood from his father) that they had tried a Filipino dishes at one of the restaurant around Beverly Hill and recommended me to try it. The restaurant was just beside Melimewa supermarket and I decided to have lunch there.

As I entered the restaurant a woman greeted me in English with thick Filipino accent.

Woman   : Welcome to Tambayan restaurant. Can I help you?

The name of the restaurant was Tambayan but I forget to ask the meaning of it. There were rays of already made dishes and I decided to pick three dishes which look familiar to me. I ordered Egg Plant omelet, Fried fish and Dice Cow’s stomach stew. I ordered Buko salad for my dessert and lemon iced tea for my drink.

I didn’t like the dishes that I picked at all because the fish still had the scales on, the stew was still have the strong smell and I ate eggplant only discarding the omelet. The Buko salad was good, a bit sweet but regrettably I didn’t taste the young coconut flesh. I happened to make this salad when I saw it posted by some blogger which is so simple to prepare and thought that it was the same. The fried fish was not really bad but having the scales in my mouth was something that was alien to me and it was also topped with somewhat like omelet also. I remembered the ‘ikan terubuk’ or milkfish that was fried with the scales still on as suggested by a Sarawakian friend and it was crispy and nice to eat.

When I asked for the bill, it was a whooping RM32.00 for one person lunch which was high compared to the taste and presentation. As I was looking around the restaurant I saw a sign of Balut sold for RM5.00 each. I was contemplating of buying one and wanting somebody to really eating it in front of me with the duck egg in the process of changing to a chic already. I cannot imagine how the taste would be like.

It is not the last of my visit to Filipino cuisines as I want to try the crispy pig knuckles on my next visit to a Filipino restaurant. Any one likes to recommend a good Filipino dish?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Aboi - Serve You Right

A beautiful lady was standing in a bus with a sleeveless skin-tight dress and there was a tattooed rose flower on her arm. A man by the name of Aboi was standing beside her and talks to her.

Aboi   :  Your flower is very beautiful; can I kiss your tattooed rose flower?

The lady did not responded to Aboi but she relented after being asked again and again.

Lady   : Before you can kiss my rose, you should kiss the roots first.

After she told Aboi she rose up her arm and shows him her hairy armpit.

Spider Man

Attending a therapy session occupies my morning activities and in the afternoon would be my daily jog if time permits. It has been a month that I had been attending such session and it was really interesting and at times met new friends and meeting old friends. The therapy centre will close for 2 weeks for the hariraya holidays to let the staff to celebrate the holiday with their families.

Yesterday there was a puzzle game (Teka-teki) to make the therapy merrier and also because of the holiday mood by the end of the week. We were divided into 2 groups and trying to post and answering the puzzles that the opponent presented.

 There were a couple of puzzles that came out from the 2 groups but the most interesting puzzle that I heard was from a very young man.

Young man   :   Apa nama binatang yang disebut 3 kali?

There were many answers that were given but nobody was able to answer puzzle and the answer was then revealed.

Young man   :   Labah-labah lah bha!
(Labah -1, Labah-2, lah bha-3)

It was a big hit and who cares if it was illogical that made every body laughing.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Rebook, Nike or AIDS

Seorang gadis yang bersuamikan pemain basketball sedang berdebar-debar menantikan malam pertama setelah pesta pernikahannya. Selepas pesta selesai mereka pun masuk bilik. Si suami terus membuka seluruh pakaiannya. Apabila bajunya terbuka,si isteri melihat sebuah tatoo bertuliskan "Reebok" di dada suaminya.

Isteri   :   Abang ada Kasut Reebok.

Abang   : Iya Reebok. 

Si suami pun menerangkan bahawa tatoo tersebut dibuat sewaktu ia menjalani kontrak sebagai model iklan produk tersebut. Tiba-tiba si suami membuka seluar panjangnya, maka terlihat satu lagi tatoo lambang "Nike" di pahanya.

Isteri   :   Ada Nike lagi Abang.

Si suami pun menjelaskan hal yang sama kepada isterinya. Akhirnya setelah semuanya terbuka, Si isteri melihat tatoo bertuliskan "AIDS" pada 'anu' si suami.Dengan ketakutan si isteri menanyakan tatoo tersebut.

Isteri   :   Abang ada AIDS?

Namun dengan tenangnya si suami menjawab.

Abang   :   Sayang, tulisan itu bukan bererti Abang ada AIDS. Teruslah pegang nanti kau akan tahu.

Setelah si anunya tegang dan memanjang maka tulisan AIDS menjadi 'ADIDAS'...

Isteri   :   Bikin suspen lah Abang ni ........

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ini Kali Lah

Oh .. My English ....

Kalau anda seorang pengemar Facebook dan mempunyai akaun, sudah pasti tahu dengan game yang boleh dimain. Tapi untuk seorang yang tak mengemari game bermakna tak langsung pun suka bermain terutamanya dalam facebook ini.

Apa yang saya ceritakan adalah permintaan atau request daripada kawan-kawan facebook untuk game berkenaan.Oleh kerana saya tidak suka maka saya selalu saja akan 'remove' saja request tersebut kerana malas untuk blocked game tersebut sebab kena block satu persatu.

Kebelakangan ini macam menjadi-jadi pula request saya terima jika saya removed request tersebut dan ia akan membuatkan saya stressful melihat request tersebut. Maka dengan itu saya ada juga lah post meminta jangan minta request untuk game daripada kawan-kawan FB.

"No more Game Request Please"

Makin juga banyak request diterima maka dengan itu saya ambil masa khas untuk blocked semua game yang saya ingat pernah di request. Setakat ini memang kurang sudah game request yang saya terima.

Bah siapa-siapa yang ada minta request game maaf sajalah saya sudah mula memblock.

"Lain Kali lah .......

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Do You Know?

Do you know that the minimum fee to go to the toilet in Kota Kinabalu is 0.30 sen and if you need toilet paper that would be .050 sen? I was at the Suria shopping Mall when I need to use the toilet urgently after having heavy breakfast. I saw the the sign to pay 0.30 sen and grab myself the toilet paper not for wiping away my dump but just to dry my bottom with the toilet paper after spraying myself. I found out that using spray is the most cleanness to use as it will wipe away all residue that is present.

Toilet Lady   :   The toilet paper cost .0.20 sen. You have to pay 0.50 sen.

Dv   :  I thought it include the toilet paper. Why so expensive to dump here?

Toilet Lady   : All other shopping complex charging the same lah.

I don't really need the toilet paper but just in case if the water spray head was gone, the hose burst or there was no water. Luckily I had the toilet paper because the spray head was nowhere to be seen.


Do you know that when you missed your morning breakfast you eat anything when you get hungry? I rarely missed my morning breakfast but yesterday after attending my therapy, I went to the drive-in payment for my electricity bill. I went to Suria shopping mall for another bill to pay and to sort my mobile roaming service. My roaming service was not available when I went for my tour to Taiwan recently and depended on my facebook to get in touch with family members.

I was really hungry and went to the nearest fast food outlet and landed myself to Kenny Rogers Roasters and ordered whatever nice to look at on the menu lists. It was the Kenny's quarter meal which consists of quarter chicken, salad, rice, mix fruits and pandan muffin. The side dish was mushroom creamy soup and my favorite drink was cold tea lemon. It wasn't the type of food that I like but once you are hungry anything can do.

My verdict of the food I ate.....


Do you know that Celcom customer service centre is called BLUECUBE now? I was looking for the Celcom Logo at Suria shopping complex but missed it. After giving up I look for the location notice board at the entrance of the shopping mall but there was none. I saw the security guard and approached them.

Dv   :   Where is the Celcom customer service?

Security   :   Lower level (basement)

I went to the lower level but still couldn't find it. Desperately I asked the Metro jaya sales assistant and told me to look for the bluecube.

Do you know that the customer services of Bluecube will approached you first hand asking what type of services you needed. It was a good service but the time taken to process your dealings need to be shorten.

Do you know that I might be bluffing ......

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ini Kali Iklan Dulu : Kita Minum Dulu

Setelah menulis beberapa posting mengenai perjalanan saya maka kita relak dulu, buat senaman dan tarik nafas panjang-panjang dan baca lah selingan ini.

Terlebih dahulu terima kasih kepada beberapa kawan lama yang telah menyokong pasal blog ini serta yang berterima kasih sebab nama mereka disebut disini. Ini adalah cara saya untuk berterima kasih kepada kawan-kawan lama sebab telah menjadi kawan yang understanding.

Kalau boleh tinggalkan komen anda supaya saya dapat perbaiki lagi blog ini. Senang saja kalau tidak tahu macam mana mau buat komen. Klik kepada komen, komen pop up window akan timbul dan tulis komen anda. Pilih Anonymous kalau anda tidak mahu saya mengetahui pembuat komen. Komen anda akan divert ke email saya untuk dipertimbangkan.

Bha ini adalah 'cerita nakal' yang saya terbaca dalam 'Tagged' untuk dikongsi bersama ... jangan buat cerita ini dirumah ya!!

Seorang perompak memecah masuk rumah janda yg tinggal seorang diri...... tetapi bila melihatkan susuk tubuh janda 
tersebut yang mengghairahkan.... dia bertukar fikiran, lalu.......sambil mengacukan pistol ke kepala janda itu,

 dia berkata NYAWA atau NYAMAN (sedap)??

Memikirkan nyawanya dalam bahaya, janda itu berkata Nyaman....
Maka perompak mengarahkan janda itu membuka pakaian nya dan bla..bla..bla...tuuuuttt... berlakulah adegan ranjang .....

Setelah selesai,akibat keletihan perompak itu terlupa akan pistolnya.... lalu dirampas oleh janda itu dan mengacukannya ke kepala perompak tersebut sambil berkata

PULANG atau ULANG??.......

Friday, July 27, 2012

Egg Tart & Banana Fritters - Beginning Of Friendship?

(Dedicated to Winnie, Alijah, John, Yahya & Sabinus)

Is there anything special that remind you of a person’s/colleagues when you hear or see them?  I for one indeed remind me of somebody if our thought is to revert back from the time we were with them. I had wanted to meet my old colleague who had retired few years back but there was no chance of meeting him until few days ago.

He looked old and the hair was graying and he seems to have shortened in height and his dressing was much different as he tucked in his shirt compared previously. I felt funny also because he used to tease a friend calling him ‘walking tall’ as he was the shortest in the office then. He was a tall person.

The thing that remind me of him was during our afternoon shift (2.00pm – 9.00pm) with him, he bought Banana fritters (Pisang Goreng) without fail.  He bought banana fritters like the brocade type (kipas tangan). It was very soft and only the very very ripe banana was used.

DV   :   Kau masih ingat kah kuih yang kau selalu kau beli yang lembut itu. Dimana kau beli itu?

Ku   :   Ha ..ha ..ha masih ingat, saya beli di Foh Sang, Luyang.

DV   :   Masih ada jual kah?

Ku   :   Mana ada jual lagi itu oh!

I had some important matter to get done with the first time I had met him and luckily I met him again at the same place the next day. We went for a drink and had some interesting talk and laugh. He asked about our former colleagues and the women were the first he mentioned.

Ku   :   Winnie dan Alijah masih kerja kah?

Dv   :   Masih. Dorang tu masih muda bha. John masih PCM, Yahya di Sandakan dan Sabinus di Tambunan. John dan Alijah tidak pernah tukar tempat kerja.

Ku   :   John dan Alijah sampai pencen di PCM. Corolla di Tambunan  .. ha ..ha ..ha.

I text Mdm Winnie about meeting Mr. Ku and telling her that he hasn’t forgotten them and he asked about them. Mdm Winnie text back later in the evening telling me that it reminded them of the good gesture of Mr. Ku buying them Egg tart most of the time when he was working.

SMS to WS   :  He was eating Egg tart with me.

SMS to DV   :   Maybe you post it on your blog how yellow Egg Tart ‘Beginning of friendship …..

Memory Failed

It was about 9.00 am this morning that I went to get my entrance pass for my therapy and was schedule for the 9.30 am session. I had to wait for another thirty minutes without my breakfast but that could wait and then have my breakfast. As I was waiting alone a guy approached me with a smile.

Guy   :   You are DV right?

DV   :   Yes I am DV. Sorry ah .. Who are you?

Guy   :   Are you sure you don't recognize me?

DV   :   Yeah, I am trying to remember but i couldn't remember you.

Guy   :   I am the brother of Marie.

DV   :   Oh yeah, it had been a very long time I haven't met you. You look different.

The guy name was Eric and we were staying in the same village before but the last time I saw him was during our primary school years if I am not mistaken. I really respect him for still remembering me although we have not met all those years. My memory really failed me this time.

Guy   :   I married 3 times already. One of my son is staying near my mother's house in the village. I retired        
             few years ago after the company stop operation. How many children do you have?

DV   :   I am not married.

Every time I met a friend they always asked a bonus question and I will answer them honestly. I will always hear this question forever I guess. Lol ..

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Merry Go round - Part 2

Since I missed the upside house during my last visit, I called my nephew who was on semester break whether   he want to visit the 'Rumah Terbalik'. He said he was interested and he will ask his friend if he wanted to go. It was set at 9.30 am the next morning for the visit.

It was about 10.00 am that we depart from home and we went for our breakfast at a restaurant near  Servay Supermarket in Penampang. I ordered my favorite Kan Lou Mee (with pork cooked with ketchup - Baikut) and my nephew and his friend Kan Lou men with pork Chop slices. We asked for cold Lemon tea for our drinks.

I told my Nephew and his friend to look for the upside house once we passed the Tuaran roundabout towards Tamparuli. Passing the Telibong water intake I slowed down my car as there wasn't any signboard about the upside house. I nearly missed it as I was also watching both side of the road but managed to slow down but had to enter through the exit road of the upside house. Actually it was very near to the main road but at least they should have erected signboard about 200 meters from the house.

There wasn't much to see inside the house except for all the furniture and what have you are all in an upside position. If you are one that does not appreciate something like that would felt boring but credit should be given to the person that made this place something to be proud of as this is the first in this region. I am proud that a Sabahan did made this possible. I tried and asked the staff manning the place of the average visitors coming to that place. I made a wild guess of about 100 visitors a day and she told us that there are more visitor coming during weekends and holidays. The entrance fee was RM10 for adults.

Tuaran Crocodile Farm
After the visit to the upside house, we went to the Tuaran crocodile farm without stopping at Tuaran town as we were having our lunch at Gayang Seafood Restaurant.

I had been to both crocodile farm in Tuaran and Sandakan and honestly I don't fancy the look of the crocodile. The creature is something that most people are scared. What I enjoyed at the farm was the Japanese carp and the Catfish which come to the edge of the pool waiting for visitors to feed them. I bought more than RM10 for the fish feed as I enjoy watching it fighting for the fish feed.

We spent about an hour at the farm and it was very hot and was feeling hungry too and decided to leave the farm for our lunch at the seafood restaurant atop a hill at jalan Sulaman.

As I am sleepy now, just to show some of the food that we ate at the Gayang restaurant and the price was much cheaper compared to the price of a seafood restaurant in Inanam I went recently. I hope you enjoyed my posting and the pictures.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Merry Go Round - Part 1

During my long leave prior to my retirement, I just stay at home to unwind and to enjoy being free without any worry whatsoever. When the hand phone rang it didn't make me nervous as what it did to me before and  I had a reason if the calls came from my former workplace. Presently I am always on the move whether going for the therapy, dealing with all the bills which need payment or going for a walk.

I am on a 'relaxing mode' as what I had planned of preparing my monthly/daily expenditure is on hold. Anyway, I will not dwell much on it for now as I want to share my visit to few places recently.

A surprise Visit
A friend promised me that he will introduced a vehicle dealer when I decided to looked or booked for a vehicle. I called him and make a visit to the dealer showroom and also made arrangement to make a surprised visit to a friend who has opened a Herbal life center in Tamparuli.

After all documents sealed and sign with the car dealer, we proceed to Tamparuli to visit a friend. There was a Tamu as it was Wednesday but the number of people was not many as it was past noon when we reached the town. When I saw the bridge, I remember the evergreen song called Jambatan Tamparuli where a lady was crossing the hanging bridge wearing high heel shoe but her high heel shoe fell from the bridge.

We managed to locate our friend's stall but he was not there. He was on his way to Papar for a very urgent matter so we decided to go to Tuaran for our lunch and later to a fruit orchard/nursery as my friend want to buy few fruit trees.

Paying for a lunch in Tuaran surprised us as we ordered 3 types of dishes and it costs us less than RM20.00 and if compared to Penampang or Kota Kinabalu it's like cutting your throat. Tuaran is still cheaper to eat.

Tiger Prawns
As we were having lunch we saw some people looking something inside a bucket outside a retail shop just opposite the restaurant. As we had finished our lunch we decided what were the fuss and crossed the road and looked at what they were all looking at. Three young men were selling tiger prawns illegally at the parking lot just outside the retail shop. I hope they were not caught by the local authority as it was not in the market.

Fruit trees Nursery
Lastly we went to the Rubber Fund Board Nursery as my friend wanted to buy few fruit trees. I never thought that Rubber Fund Board only prepare nursery for Rubber trees but also many types of fruit trees to be sold to the public. It was not far from the Tuaran Agriculture Department and sharing the same road to their office.

Upside House
On our way to Tamparuli we were also looking for the upside house but unlucky for us we didn't see it but I decided to look for it maybe my next trip. I will post my visit to it for the next posting.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

REPOST : Single Mango Unite us Together

Have you experience planting fruit trees around your house and for the first time your fruit trees bears you only one or two fruits or just sparsely? Usually the fruit trees will bear you few fruits but later on drop off. It is normal for the fruit trees to bear fruits and later on fall to the ground.

I am not talking about fruit trees as I am not qualified in this field but just to share about how a single parent told me about how they shared the single fruit that they get from their Mango tree. She had told her children not to eat the single mango fruit when it ripened but wait for her if she’s not at home.

When the Mango fruit ripened, she make Mango juice out of the single Mango fruit so that every one of her children can have the taste of the Mango. I was touched by what she had told me and I really respect her of what she had done. Most of us might not have thought of a way but what I learned from her was to share something precious that may not be much but it will touch the heart of many people. I was touched.

I hope she read this posting and if you are touched please share it with others.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Therapy : Korean or Japanese?

It has been a week that I was officially retired and counting with the long leave, that should be over a month that I quit working. Although it is still too premature to make assessment, I think my decision to retire early without extension was correct. It was normal to get worried of how I will adapt to the non-working environment initially.

During my long leave, what I did was to go for my morning or afternoon walk at the popular Bukit Padang jogging track and if I skipped my walk, I was driving to the outskirt of Kota Kinabalu like Tuaran and Tamparuli. There was a plan to spend the night at Kundasang and Ranau later this month.

Every day I went for the Electric Field Therapy treatment initiated by Alpha One Marketing and it is free trial. It is fully funded in collaboration with ITO Co. Ltd. Japan and each therapy centre is managed by trained therapists. Among the diseases that can be treated through this method are High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Insomnia, Gout, Stroke, Rheumatism, Arthritis, Poor Heart, Kidney problems, Sinus, High Cholesterol, Erectile dysfunction, menstrual cycle disorders, Asthma, Liver problems and many more disease.

I was introduced to this therapy by a friend and since it is free, I went for it and guess what; I met long 'lost' friends attending the therapy.

Charlie   :   There is another free therapy which is nearer.

I was at my house at Beverly Hill, Bundusan after not able to come there although I was supposed to be 'free' and also to visit my 'ikan keruk'. I was just laying on my bed for a short nap when my phone rang.

Dv   :   Is it. Where is that place?

Charlie   :   You know the old Wong Kwok tamu ground ... somewhere there lah!

Dv   :   Yeah, I think I know that place ... ok we'll look for it

Charlie  :  My friend told me that this one laying down like in bed. Bring 2 big towels.

Dv   :   What time do you want to go?

Charlie   :   My friend suggested we go for the 2.00 pm session.

Dv   :   Ok. See you there.

When I reached the place, I saw the sign Thermo-Acupressure Therapy (Korea) and parked my car with my friend nowhere to be seen. I waited for him for a while but decided to call him when it was already 2.00 pm. He was on the wrong side of the place and gave him the direction. The therapy session was in progress and after registering, we found that we were in the last session and about in an hour to wait. 

At last we were called for the therapy and I was looking forward and curious of how it would felt. The therapy machine was switched on and felt my back was massage strongly and both of us said that it was massaging my back. It was indeed nice but it was very warm on my backside.

Staff   :  I would like to to correct the assumption of what you think about this thing. This is a Thermo-Acupressure Therapy and not what you think. This is not MASSAGING ok!!

Charlie   :   Sorry.

As we were having the therapy 'massaging' we were given the briefing regarding the therapy and at the same time we also asked her good questions too. All personal belonging made from metal must be removed before any therapy were performed. It took forty minutes for the therapy to complete but it seems too short as I enjoy very much from the 'massaging' itself.

Charlie   :   How was it? I prefer the Electric Field Therapy Treatment. I will fetch you at 9.30 am tomorrow and later to the Korean therapy at 2.00 pm.

See, my activities are always full and there was no time even to update my blog just because of Korean and Japanese therapy.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sound of Silence

When you see people using headphone, have you thought of the type of music they are listening? Usually we gave the impression that what they are listening to a song they like without thinking of other sounds.

It was when a pastor shared his experienced with a jogger who was using a headphone when he was jogging. The pastor was curious of what music the jogger was hearing as he was so relax while jogging. So when the jogger completes his rounds, he approached him and asked about the music he was listening.
Pastor : What music are you listening?

Jogger : I am listening ‘Sound of Silence’.

Pastor : I really like the song too.

Jogger : Would you like to listen to the music?

Pastor : Sure.

The pastor took the headphone and put the earphone to his ear but no sound was heard. He told the jogger that there was no sound and asked him to check to his MP3 player. The jogger smile to the pastor and told him that he was listening to the ‘sound of silence’, meaning he was not listening to a music called ‘Sound of Silence’ but the sound of silence. The pastor was surprise of what the jogger told him as what he had thought of people with headphone was that they were listening to a song.
So next time you see somebody using headphone, remember that they may not be listening to a music but listening to the sound of silence.
* To listen to the Song 'Sound of Silence' just google or search for it in Youtube.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Oh My Big Toe Nail

Yesterday I went for a Pedicure at Donggongon town after enduring pain on my toe nail. I had shared my complaint of the pain to my friend who advice me to have a manicure. I looked for the small manicure stall early in the morning and luckily for me there was no customer.

A manicure is a cosmetic beauty treatment for the fingernails and hands. A manicure treatment is not only a treatment for the natural nails, but also for the hands. A manicure consists of filing, shaping of the free edge, treatments, massage of the hands and the application polish.

A pedicure is a way to improve the appearance of the feet and the nails. It provides a similar service to a manicure. The word pedicure refers to superficial cosmetic treatment of the feet and toenails. A pedicure can help prevent nail diseases and nail disorders.

Pedicures are not just limited to nails; usually dead skin cells on the bottom of feet are rubbed off using a rough stone called a pumice stone. Additionally, leg care below the knee became a common and now expected service included in pedicures. Leg care includes depilation via either shaving or waxing followed by granular exfoliation, application of moisturizing creams, and a brief leg massage.

Now I know that what I did yesterday was a treatment of my feet and nails called pedicure of which I thought was manicure.

Who said that only woman can have manicure or pedicure?. I had my first pedicure many years ago out of curiousity when my niece who owns a saloon introduced me to it. I went for the pedicure not because of me becoming 'sissy' but to get rid of the pain on my big toe nail. The pain is much unbearable when putting on shoes and sometimes when you accidently kicked unto something.

I was seated facing the pedicurist and told her the pain I was enduring the past few days and be gentle when cutting it. The pain was so great that the pedicurist keep on telling me sorry. She told me that the nail was deep in my flesh and should be removed otherwise I will be in a lot of pain. It was a relief when it was removed. Just imagine a needle poked repeatedly on your toes as what I endure during the treatment of my toe nails.

I was once told by a friend of how a Singaporean who visited Sabah was in pain on his toe nail but was relieved after been introduced to a manicurist. He gave a big tip to the manucurist after removal of the toe nail.

So any guys out there who has trouble with your toe nail are advisable to look for a pedicurist. Do not do it yourself as sometimes when we have a big tummy, it is difficult to reach your toe nail to cut it.