Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Spider Man

Attending a therapy session occupies my morning activities and in the afternoon would be my daily jog if time permits. It has been a month that I had been attending such session and it was really interesting and at times met new friends and meeting old friends. The therapy centre will close for 2 weeks for the hariraya holidays to let the staff to celebrate the holiday with their families.

Yesterday there was a puzzle game (Teka-teki) to make the therapy merrier and also because of the holiday mood by the end of the week. We were divided into 2 groups and trying to post and answering the puzzles that the opponent presented.

 There were a couple of puzzles that came out from the 2 groups but the most interesting puzzle that I heard was from a very young man.

Young man   :   Apa nama binatang yang disebut 3 kali?

There were many answers that were given but nobody was able to answer puzzle and the answer was then revealed.

Young man   :   Labah-labah lah bha!
(Labah -1, Labah-2, lah bha-3)

It was a big hit and who cares if it was illogical that made every body laughing.

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