Thursday, August 02, 2012

Do You Know?

Do you know that the minimum fee to go to the toilet in Kota Kinabalu is 0.30 sen and if you need toilet paper that would be .050 sen? I was at the Suria shopping Mall when I need to use the toilet urgently after having heavy breakfast. I saw the the sign to pay 0.30 sen and grab myself the toilet paper not for wiping away my dump but just to dry my bottom with the toilet paper after spraying myself. I found out that using spray is the most cleanness to use as it will wipe away all residue that is present.

Toilet Lady   :   The toilet paper cost .0.20 sen. You have to pay 0.50 sen.

Dv   :  I thought it include the toilet paper. Why so expensive to dump here?

Toilet Lady   : All other shopping complex charging the same lah.

I don't really need the toilet paper but just in case if the water spray head was gone, the hose burst or there was no water. Luckily I had the toilet paper because the spray head was nowhere to be seen.


Do you know that when you missed your morning breakfast you eat anything when you get hungry? I rarely missed my morning breakfast but yesterday after attending my therapy, I went to the drive-in payment for my electricity bill. I went to Suria shopping mall for another bill to pay and to sort my mobile roaming service. My roaming service was not available when I went for my tour to Taiwan recently and depended on my facebook to get in touch with family members.

I was really hungry and went to the nearest fast food outlet and landed myself to Kenny Rogers Roasters and ordered whatever nice to look at on the menu lists. It was the Kenny's quarter meal which consists of quarter chicken, salad, rice, mix fruits and pandan muffin. The side dish was mushroom creamy soup and my favorite drink was cold tea lemon. It wasn't the type of food that I like but once you are hungry anything can do.

My verdict of the food I ate.....


Do you know that Celcom customer service centre is called BLUECUBE now? I was looking for the Celcom Logo at Suria shopping complex but missed it. After giving up I look for the location notice board at the entrance of the shopping mall but there was none. I saw the security guard and approached them.

Dv   :   Where is the Celcom customer service?

Security   :   Lower level (basement)

I went to the lower level but still couldn't find it. Desperately I asked the Metro jaya sales assistant and told me to look for the bluecube.

Do you know that the customer services of Bluecube will approached you first hand asking what type of services you needed. It was a good service but the time taken to process your dealings need to be shorten.

Do you know that I might be bluffing ......

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