Monday, August 31, 2009


The good thing about meeting old friends in any occasion be it during wedding parties or birthday parties is that old stories would resurface again and sometimes embarrassing but in a good way which makes a good laugh amongst friends.

One friend shared about his late mother vegetable dish which he misses very much and when he saw the vegetable sold at the Tamu (Market) he bought the vegetables to be cooked. Many of us have tried this type of vegetable, which can be found in the paddy field after the planting of the paddy. It is called ‘Kaakatung’ or some people called it ‘Katung- katung’ depending on which district you come from. I was discussing it with some friends about this vegetable but couldn’t exactly find it in the Internet to let them know about this vegetable. The dish cook with this vegetable is really very simple as a couple of dried shrimps or anchovies is enough, make sure that you choose young ‘Kaakatung’ as it is much better and really soft when cooked.

So this friend shared about a dish his late mother usually cook which he missed very much and ask his friend to cook with a can of King Cup Sardine. I never tried cooking with King Cup Sardine and according to them it is much better than shrimp or anchovies. King Cup sardine can be cooked with many types of vegetables and this type of dish can only be found in villages but now it can be found at a ready cooked dish at some restaurant in town. Last Sunday it happen that there was this ‘Kaakatung’ sold but not as young as I preferred and I bought a can of King Cup Sardine. I cooked it in the evening and it tasted okay but rather the ‘Kaakatung’ vegetable was a bit tough as it was not young. I preferred a simple ‘Kaakatung’ dish with dried shrimps fried with some powdered anchovies.

We were in stitches laughing when one of the friends shared his story of how after eating a lot of ‘Kaakatung’ the night before, a cleaner of his office toilet complaining about staffs throwing vegetables inside the toilet bowl. What she doesn’t know was our friend did his thing much earlier and was trying to get rid of the ‘Kaakatong’, which was floating in the toilet bowl but failed to flush it all. The disadvantages of eating too much ‘Kaakatung’ was that our stomach would not be able to process it effectively as we tend to swallow the whole vegetable. Due to the softness of the Kaakatung, we tend not to cut it but in my case I tried to cut it in half and so far no floating of ‘Kaakatung’ the next morning. Eat it in moderation so it won’t float in your toilet bowls next time you dump it.

‘Kakaatong’ can be prepare as a salad too or Hinava. Squeeze few lime, salt to taste, shrimp paste and chili and add it to the vegetable by squeezing the ‘Kaakatong’ until it mixed well. Eat it immediately or chill it in a refrigerator before eating. Eaten as an appetizer.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I was reading through our local newspaper today when I read one article about a new clone of pink Guava, which weighs at least a kilogram according to the report. The federal Agriculture Marketing Authority of Malaysia (FAMA) has chosen the variety as the fruit of the year and will intensified its promotion to market the fruit in every fiesta locally and overseas.

Guava can be eaten as dessert or salad and served in slices. Guava juice or drinks are also found in the supermarkets and also used to make ice creams and many other types of creation made from guava fruit.

I would like to share with you how during the time when I was a small kid, we used to eat the many types of wild Guava at my village. Almost in every house you could find the wild Guava trees, which grow by itself due to the present of animals, and human who throw away the fruits. The guava fruit trees that was plenty then was those with small type fruit (village type) with ¾ were of seeds. It was rare to find ripened fruits as it was eaten before it ripened and sometimes we used it as a bullet for our catapult to hit birds. The fruit was really hard and when it hit the target for instant a bird, it died instantly.

There was a time when you eat too much of the hard like rock guava fruit and later you played a game of football all afternoon, you will find later especially in the morning that you won't be able to past motion. The guava seeds were well compacted after the running and all the jumping, it harden your faeces and in a way it will be hard for a smooth passing of motion the next morning.

After crying and telling your mother that you cannot past motion, she would sharpen a bar of soap just barely could be pushed inside your anus until your hole becomes slippery and the hard faeces could be pushed out. It is most embarrassing but when you are at that situation, you will not be embarrassed as long as it leaves your system.

Anyone for wild guava?

Monday, August 24, 2009


Noticed the number of vehicles queuing right up to the main road to the City mall especially during weekends and public holidays?

Every time I passed through the Mall a long queue of cars were seen going to the Mall and I will try to avoid going there. Yesterday, a friend suggested for a late Japanese lunch and while I tried avoiding the Mall, we went to Jalan Lintas Wagamama Japanese restaurant. We reached the restaurant at 2.30 pm but it was already closed at 2.00 pm. We were late for about half an hour. The only option and nearer was the City Mall, so we went there.

If you intended to visit City Mall in the future, be positive about getting parking space and not be intimidated by the number of cars you see going there, as with some luck you will get a good parking space. It happened with us as I was looking for a parking space, a good Samaritan signal me as he was exiting and pointed his car as I stopped to let him crossed by. What a luck as we get a parking space right in front of the elevator to the Mall.

I was wondering why there were a lot of vehicles there but in actual situation only a handful of people seen shopping at the various shops and supermarket. Was it that people goes there just to patronize the eating kiosk or most of the tenants owned more than one car parked at the parking bays available.

It was indeed a good Japanese meal and noticed a next-door café full with people and observed few people turn away as there was no table for them. Most probably will visit that café of what and why people goes there, maybe take a day off as weekdays maybe not so crowded.

Friday, August 21, 2009


Sabahan are good at creating funny phrases or words, which will stick to many people for a long time. Indeed they know how to popularize those phrases too by quoting it during big function like for example concert, wedding reception and broadcasting it through emails amongst friends. There are others who are good at composing songs with lyrics with the phrases and the title of the songs.

Among the popular funny phrases made famous is the ‘ARAMAI TII’ word. Usually this word is heard amongst friends where a drinking session is being held. There are many definition of this word as even small children are heard using this word, as it is not a vulgar word or bad word. I would say that it is just a greeting word when a group of people having fun or some drinks. Once in a while you will hear them uttering the word just like ‘yam sing’ or ‘cheers’.

A friend shared his version about this word that he heard from his friend of which somebody seeing so many people queuing to a single toilet uttered the word. This person uttered the word ‘ARAMAI TAHI’ which means a lot of human faeces. That was how the word made famous.

The latest phrase that made famous is the ‘BULI BAH KALAU KAU’ that means ‘I do it for your sake’. I have no idea who started this phrase but it is some words used as a friendly gesture to answer a friend who need some assistance although they might not need it. Sometimes it is irritating when some friends answered it with this phrase when you really need serious answer.

Another word that was made famous a long time ago was ‘KOMON OYO’. Actually I forgot about this word already not until when our GM wrote it in one of his emails. It is a word that encourages us to triple our effort in whatever we do. It was also used by the youth to tease someone especially the girls. Usually this word was used in a very positive way.

A word that made popular by Sabahan especially in the entertaining industry are the word ‘MALATOP’ and ‘ALAMAK TERLEBIH SUDAH’. The participants of a reality show made those words popular not long ago and very famous to the Malaysian entertainment industry.

SABAHAN are very creative indeed and can make famous any word that catches their interest. What word be the next to come up?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Every morning barely past six, I was out of my house starting my car to warm it out for five minutes or more. I was already inside the car and tuning to the ‘Radio Sabah VFM Noikot Vinasi’ listening to the Kadazan song and this morning it was the song titled ‘Nombo iso dagai’ a new and fast number by P. Dik Ganai. Indeed a good song for a clear sky without any sign of raining or the terrible haze that engulf the sky of Kota Kinabalu for the past few days.

I was observing a young kids waiting for his mother to finished ironing his school uniform, as his school bus will be arriving soon. I was observing my neighbour trying to accommodate and juggling her time with four growing children with their antics and trying to cope with the daily chores, which sometimes failed her to accomplish. I presume she must have awoken much earlier to prepare for her children breakfast and at the last minute ironing the school uniform. When the ironing was done, I saw the children wearing it straight away and surely it must be comforting and warm up the body of the children early in the morning.

During my school days I did experience ironing my school uniform and straight away wearing it. I must say almost every morning but it was done by me during my secondary school time. My thought went to the mothers who sacrifice their time and energy for the well being of her offspring’s. Love our mother dearly.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Last Sunday a friend suggested that we make a visit to the Gaya Street Bazaar at the Kota Kinabalu city to look for something sold there. As it was more than a decade, more precisely about few years that I hadn’t visited, I agreed to the suggestion. We reached Gaya Street just after 8.00 AM in the morning after looking for parking lot nearer to the Gaya Street.

The first thing that caught my eyes was the traditional cake, where those cakes were only found in Kota Kinabalu and it’s surrounding. I agreed to come because I was looking forward to the tasty and popular Mee Laksa at one of the restaurant there. The Beef noodle soup was excellent too but I decided to skip it as I tried to be health conscious nowadays. The Laksa soup cannot be excluded also but I cannot help it and ended with a bowl of the ever-popular Laksa Noodle soup. The restaurant was a very popular and it would be your lucky star if you happen to get a seat barely waiting for other people to leave their seat especially in the morning.

It just happen that a couple was leaving their seat as we approached the restaurant and I gladly get hold of the table while waiting for my friend who was tailing me behind. The ‘Towkay’ showed his gestured to me as he’d known me as one of his great customer before and he might be wondering why I hadn’t come to his restaurant for a long time. My friend ended ordering the same as me that was the Laksa Mee soup. I noticed that the soup was a bit reddish compared to last time when it was more of a creamy look and the soup tasted more spicy but still good, I prefer the previous soup though. While waiting for our noodle soup I took a picture of the ‘Towkey’ preparing the noodle soup in case my reader happen to be in Kota Kinabalu and would like to taste the noodle soup. The name of the restaurant is called Kedai Kopi Yee Fung and beside it is the Tun Nan Bookstore. If you know the bookstore then you will not miss the restaurant.

As we were slurping and enjoying the creamy soup few people were like watching you with their eyes glued on your bowl and to you like ‘hey mister quickly finish your noodles or I will sit on your lap’. When you finish your bowls of noodles they will move closer to you with a smile that would melt you (if sexy girls lah) and even your lemon tea ice drinks tasted even much better. No time to chit chat, just call the shop assistant for the bill with the toothpick still sticking to you teeth and leave the place. In no time the table will be cleared and cleaned by the restaurant helpers for another customers. The more customers they get the more profits they get and the ‘towkay’ will be laughing his way to the bank.

We started our tour of the Gaya Street after breakfast and what I noticed was the many stalls selling clothing. Is Gaya street bazaar becoming another of the ever-popular Petaling Street in Kuala Lumpur? Even few stalls are selling ladies accessories like earrings, rings and whatever ladies accessories. Shouldn’t it revert back to the old times when village produce was sold there? I did not enjoy my tour of the Bazaar as what you find there could be found anyway else. The city hall should strictly adhere to the product that only cannot be found in the shop or shopping complexes within the city. They should encourage traders to sell product produce by the villagers from the neighbouring districts. Let it be a very enjoyable visit by visitors or tourist instead of wasting our time to see products, which can be available in any place.

The Bazaar at the Gaya Street Kota Kinabalu is no longer the same as for first few years of its existence. They should revert to the original concept of the Bazaar should it remain as the Popular Bazaar during every Sundays.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


It had been a very hectic day for me these past weeks as after the outstation schedule was completed there was some unscheduled work that need to be attended. There was this official visit by a top management of my company and we were busily preparing the visit but at the last minute were cancelled due to a very urgent matter that need his attention.

It was also a sad weeks due to the passing of relatives amidst a very sudden passing of a young mother who was involved in a car accident. My sympathy goes to the small baby who barely born only a few months and was unable to grow with the love and caring of the dear mother. May her soul rest in peace.

After witnessing the death of three people in a row, I observed that the customary observance by the people, which was very strict imposed by the elders before especially by the priestess, was no longer practiced. Since almost all the relatives are Christian, they are practicing the way the Christians are. For Christians whose lives are guided by the Bible, the reality of death is acknowledged as part of the current human condition, affected by sin (Genesis 2:17; Romans 5; Hebrews 9:27). There is "a time to be born, and a time to die" (Ecclesiastes 3:2). Although eternal life is a gift that is granted to all who accept salvation through Jesus Christ, faithful Christians await the second coming of Jesus for complete realization of their immortality (John 3:36; Romans 6:23; 1 Corinthians 15:51-54). While waiting for Jesus to come again, Christians may be called upon to care for the dying and to face personally their own death.

To summarize it, the people now are aware that one day they will eventually face death and the passing of a dear friends or relatives although very sad is a reality that cannot be avoided.