Tuesday, July 26, 2011


A very rich man was sad that the local youth especially those living in the remote villages were unable to get a job although they have the same qualification as the others. Most of the time they applied for any vacancy in the public sector especially in the government department but they always received unfavourable results. I hope the government department are not biased to any particular group of people and only cater for a particular group.

These youth applied to the private sector but you must know that the Chinese will only recruit workers either they are good in Mandarin and can speak English very well. So the youth from the remote villagers have no way to go and unable to lift the standard of living of them and their family.

One day this very rich guy opens up an office and tried to help some of the youth by giving them job and see how far they can do on the task given to them. They not only perform extremely well in standard but some of them further their studies with the help from the company owner until they succeeded in their studies.

If all the well to do people in our society do their bit in helping the poor or the youth from the remote villages to recruit them and gives them job and not depending too much from the government we will eradicate poverty amongst the society of our nation. This is really true as it happen and shared by people who knew the rich man.

Friday, July 22, 2011


Her mother passed away when he was a small girl and the only remembrance she had with her mother was a black and white picture of her which was the only one available. All her mother’s photos perished after the family house was gutted by fire. The only photo of her mother was given to her by her grandmother.

Her father remarried and they have two daughters, the oldest of the two step- sisters is one of a spoilt lady who always the favourite of their mother. How wrong was she all the time but she will not get scolded or apprehended and always shielded by her mother whenever her oldest sister scolded her. The youngest seem to be getting on well with her oldest step-sister.

They were the perfect family, except for the ever spoil step-sister until their father fell down one day and was rushed to the hospital. He was diagnosed with having liver problem and needed transplant urgently. All the children were tested for possible donor to their father. The spoilt daughter was the perfect match to donate part of her liver but it did not materialise due her being afraid as her reason. The mother was not too eager and forceful to make her spoil daughter to change her mind to donate her liver.

With the father being sick and without anyone of the children working and the extravagance of the spoilt daughter, the oldest daughter tried to look for money for the possible surgery for transplant. She successfully found a donor but without money to pay for the surgery and to pay for the donor it will not happen.

During one of her visit to the hospital a middle aged woman was observing her and more or less knew that she needed money. She decided that it is the right time to talk to her and offered her of any help. She didn’t pressure her anything at that time but if she needed help she could think about it and called her later. She was asked to be a surrogate mother of a childless couple.

Did she as a virgin and a young lady still in college took the offer? Wait for the next post....

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


If you would like to know what I do during my free time, I really like to read and watch serial drama but I read a lot.

Most of the time I am trying to find good free stories and it happened that I found one which is quite interesting. When I look for stories I would look for stories that have a lot of chapter and each chapter has a big file.

I’ve been reading this stories which have seventy chapters and by the look of it, the story is not yet completed and I think few chapter would be coming up. Usually when I read a story I will not read its synopsis of each chapter but decide to read on one of the chapter and read that another story was written related to the story but the main character portrayed was with the other individuals mention in the stories. Actually there were four different stories but all are related to the other stories and if you haven’t read the other stories then you will be lost of what the stories is all about.

Presently I am reading three of the stories and every now and then I will move to the other stories randomly depending on how the stories go. The stories main character as from the stories I read was concentrated on four characters that are the Governor (Daniel Sr) his son Josh, Jacob who was shot but later diagnose with having cancer and Eric who shot Jacob but given pardon by the governor and he later donated his kidney to Jacob. I haven’t started reading the other stories as I cannot have time for everything as I have to work.

At the same time I am watching serial drama (6 Disks) but I was contemplating of returning it back and get another but decided to watch it last Sunday. I was trying to absorb myself to the story line before and still I don’t like it very much but I don’t know what happen as when watching another chapter found it interesting. I decided to watch it again and probably will not return it. (I did posted here about the agreement I made with the shop selling the Disk)

I will give reviews of the drama I am watching now in my next posting.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


For some I go too fast, for others I am too slow, to most people I am an obsession, but relying on me is a well practical lesson.

What am I?

Monday, July 11, 2011


Early morning of Saturday as usual I wake up and decided to have my breakfast at ‘WAN WAN RESTAURANT’ with sea food noodle, fish slice plus fish stomach. After I bought a newspaper and drove to the restaurant about three KM from Donggongon town but was stuck in a traffic jam. I saw there was a road block before the Pineapple roundabout less than a KM from the town centre by the traffic police.

I was wondering why there was a road block and remembered that there was a news report regarding a woman who jumps to her death at the new shopping complex (Donggongon town) after some misunderstanding with her friend. I thought there was some lead to the investigation and the police was blocking the road for that case. She was the second victim who jump from the complex after it was open to the public.

After passing the first road block, there was another road block near the Hongkod Koisaan building but at the other side of the road leading to Donggongon town. I saw there was many police personnel at the KDCA building which I think were their operation centre.

I was seated at the restaurant and after ordering my breakfast; I opened the newspaper and read about the advised by the police to the public not to get involved in the BERSIH RALLY 2.0. That was why the entire road blocks by the police force were enforced.

There were some who commented on the Facebook that they felt safe with all the road block which will deter bad people to do bad things and at least control the flow of illegal immigrant whereabouts.

It was reported in the newspaper that there was no illegal assembly that was held in Sabah according to the Sabah commissioner of police. In the national capital at least more than a thousand were roped in the illegal BERSIH rally.

Thursday, July 07, 2011


Yesterday my cousin text me that our salted Ikan Terubuk fish which we ordered arrived from Kuching and ask me to get it. We asked a line dance friend who went to visit her daughter to look for the popular salted fish from Sarawak. I was introduced to this dried fish from a friend from Sarawak. I wrote an article about this salted fish in this blog. If you want to read it just google ‘ikan Terubuk’ and look for the title ‘Precious butiza-ikan Terubuk’ for faster search.

What I want to share with you guys is about what a friend told me about his visit to a factory dealing with the preparation of the salted fish. I was surprise with this friend not taking a piece of the salted fish served to us. He explained to us of what he saw during his visit to the factory.

According to this friend he saw the raw fish was put inside a big jar for processing or salted for certain duration of time and noticed that it was not properly covered. There he saw dead rats inside the jar which was trapped inside the half full jar and maggots crawling on the fish and dead rats. He cannot describe the smell and the cleanliness of the place. There and then that he decided not to eat salted fish ever.

So people out there if you are one that is crazy about salted fish, make sure you do not visit any salted fish factory in the future. Proceed eating salted fish but make sure to cook it well.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

RIDDLE 2 & 3

A man was driving a black truck. He didn’t have his lights on and a lady was crossing the street.

How was he able to see the Lady?

The man invented it doesn’t want it. The man who bought it doesn’t need it. The man who needs it doesn’t know it.

What is it?

Tuesday, July 05, 2011


A neighbour passed away few days ago at around 6.00 o’ clock in the morning but only the sound of beaten gong was heard around 9.00 o’clock. That was a normal as a time to inform relatives to help with the family who just lost a dear family member would take time. In a Kadazan custom especially in Penampang, it is a must to beat the gong if someone passed away.

The ritual of beating the gong if someone passed away amongst the Kadazan Penampang is a must when someone passed away. It is taboo and no no to beat the ‘DUNSAI’ as you like. It is an eerie sound when you heard it whenever the gong is beaten to the sound of ‘DUNSAI'.

It was the first morning of the death of the person and before the sun rises and still dark say around 5.00 am, the ‘Dunsai’ or gong must be beaten. I was awakened by the unfamiliar sound of the gong beaten as some of the sound mixed with the sound of a normal gong beating as the ‘Sumazau’ beaten during a happy occasion. I realised that the gong beaters were not familiar with the ‘Dunsai’ beat, of which you have no time to learn the beating. The beating of the ‘Dunsai’ is not a hard to learn but depended on the individual to follow the tempo and one has the ability and passion to try it. If you can beat the normal beating of the gong then you have no problem beating of the ‘Dunsai’ sound. Dunsai cannot be learn by beating any time you like but learned it on the actual time when the deceased inside the coffin. It is more worst if the number of gong beaters is less than six persons and whoever is available have to beat it.

With the passing of time and the conversion to Christianity by the Kadazan people this ritual will no longer be practiced in time to come much earlier. People will not wake up early in the morning just to beat the gong as some of us are getting ready for work and to manage the children for the school.

The reason of why the beating of the ‘Dunsai’ in the Penampang district is not clear as other Kadazan people in other district does not practice it. What I believed and conclude about it is their way to inform the people nearby of the death of someone during the time of which no communication was available to inform relatives and friends about the death.

As there are available caretaker for the dead, I believed when we are short of people to help there is always the caretaker to help whatever we need them to take care. They can do anything even to cry for the deceased.

Monday, July 04, 2011


Let's say I have two coins in my hand. You add two coins together and it total out to fifty five cents. But one of the two coins isn't a nickle. So what are my two coins?