Friday, July 22, 2011


Her mother passed away when he was a small girl and the only remembrance she had with her mother was a black and white picture of her which was the only one available. All her mother’s photos perished after the family house was gutted by fire. The only photo of her mother was given to her by her grandmother.

Her father remarried and they have two daughters, the oldest of the two step- sisters is one of a spoilt lady who always the favourite of their mother. How wrong was she all the time but she will not get scolded or apprehended and always shielded by her mother whenever her oldest sister scolded her. The youngest seem to be getting on well with her oldest step-sister.

They were the perfect family, except for the ever spoil step-sister until their father fell down one day and was rushed to the hospital. He was diagnosed with having liver problem and needed transplant urgently. All the children were tested for possible donor to their father. The spoilt daughter was the perfect match to donate part of her liver but it did not materialise due her being afraid as her reason. The mother was not too eager and forceful to make her spoil daughter to change her mind to donate her liver.

With the father being sick and without anyone of the children working and the extravagance of the spoilt daughter, the oldest daughter tried to look for money for the possible surgery for transplant. She successfully found a donor but without money to pay for the surgery and to pay for the donor it will not happen.

During one of her visit to the hospital a middle aged woman was observing her and more or less knew that she needed money. She decided that it is the right time to talk to her and offered her of any help. She didn’t pressure her anything at that time but if she needed help she could think about it and called her later. She was asked to be a surrogate mother of a childless couple.

Did she as a virgin and a young lady still in college took the offer? Wait for the next post....

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