Thursday, July 07, 2011


Yesterday my cousin text me that our salted Ikan Terubuk fish which we ordered arrived from Kuching and ask me to get it. We asked a line dance friend who went to visit her daughter to look for the popular salted fish from Sarawak. I was introduced to this dried fish from a friend from Sarawak. I wrote an article about this salted fish in this blog. If you want to read it just google ‘ikan Terubuk’ and look for the title ‘Precious butiza-ikan Terubuk’ for faster search.

What I want to share with you guys is about what a friend told me about his visit to a factory dealing with the preparation of the salted fish. I was surprise with this friend not taking a piece of the salted fish served to us. He explained to us of what he saw during his visit to the factory.

According to this friend he saw the raw fish was put inside a big jar for processing or salted for certain duration of time and noticed that it was not properly covered. There he saw dead rats inside the jar which was trapped inside the half full jar and maggots crawling on the fish and dead rats. He cannot describe the smell and the cleanliness of the place. There and then that he decided not to eat salted fish ever.

So people out there if you are one that is crazy about salted fish, make sure you do not visit any salted fish factory in the future. Proceed eating salted fish but make sure to cook it well.

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