Friday, August 21, 2009


Sabahan are good at creating funny phrases or words, which will stick to many people for a long time. Indeed they know how to popularize those phrases too by quoting it during big function like for example concert, wedding reception and broadcasting it through emails amongst friends. There are others who are good at composing songs with lyrics with the phrases and the title of the songs.

Among the popular funny phrases made famous is the ‘ARAMAI TII’ word. Usually this word is heard amongst friends where a drinking session is being held. There are many definition of this word as even small children are heard using this word, as it is not a vulgar word or bad word. I would say that it is just a greeting word when a group of people having fun or some drinks. Once in a while you will hear them uttering the word just like ‘yam sing’ or ‘cheers’.

A friend shared his version about this word that he heard from his friend of which somebody seeing so many people queuing to a single toilet uttered the word. This person uttered the word ‘ARAMAI TAHI’ which means a lot of human faeces. That was how the word made famous.

The latest phrase that made famous is the ‘BULI BAH KALAU KAU’ that means ‘I do it for your sake’. I have no idea who started this phrase but it is some words used as a friendly gesture to answer a friend who need some assistance although they might not need it. Sometimes it is irritating when some friends answered it with this phrase when you really need serious answer.

Another word that was made famous a long time ago was ‘KOMON OYO’. Actually I forgot about this word already not until when our GM wrote it in one of his emails. It is a word that encourages us to triple our effort in whatever we do. It was also used by the youth to tease someone especially the girls. Usually this word was used in a very positive way.

A word that made popular by Sabahan especially in the entertaining industry are the word ‘MALATOP’ and ‘ALAMAK TERLEBIH SUDAH’. The participants of a reality show made those words popular not long ago and very famous to the Malaysian entertainment industry.

SABAHAN are very creative indeed and can make famous any word that catches their interest. What word be the next to come up?

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Ribcage said...

Bulih bah kalo kau........if i've not mistake......that was came from a talk between a marriage couple. Well both of this couples were " Miodou do boros"( Quarrels )on each other....and this pathetic wife( Owh sorry, my bad hehehe)blow unexpected words like " Miada kito nogi malad ti, mada oku nog ka "( we better get divorce, i don't want you anymore ) which drive this pity husband to say, " BULI BAH KALO KAU "...... that's how it is..if i've not mistake...