Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Every morning barely past six, I was out of my house starting my car to warm it out for five minutes or more. I was already inside the car and tuning to the ‘Radio Sabah VFM Noikot Vinasi’ listening to the Kadazan song and this morning it was the song titled ‘Nombo iso dagai’ a new and fast number by P. Dik Ganai. Indeed a good song for a clear sky without any sign of raining or the terrible haze that engulf the sky of Kota Kinabalu for the past few days.

I was observing a young kids waiting for his mother to finished ironing his school uniform, as his school bus will be arriving soon. I was observing my neighbour trying to accommodate and juggling her time with four growing children with their antics and trying to cope with the daily chores, which sometimes failed her to accomplish. I presume she must have awoken much earlier to prepare for her children breakfast and at the last minute ironing the school uniform. When the ironing was done, I saw the children wearing it straight away and surely it must be comforting and warm up the body of the children early in the morning.

During my school days I did experience ironing my school uniform and straight away wearing it. I must say almost every morning but it was done by me during my secondary school time. My thought went to the mothers who sacrifice their time and energy for the well being of her offspring’s. Love our mother dearly.

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