Monday, August 24, 2009


Noticed the number of vehicles queuing right up to the main road to the City mall especially during weekends and public holidays?

Every time I passed through the Mall a long queue of cars were seen going to the Mall and I will try to avoid going there. Yesterday, a friend suggested for a late Japanese lunch and while I tried avoiding the Mall, we went to Jalan Lintas Wagamama Japanese restaurant. We reached the restaurant at 2.30 pm but it was already closed at 2.00 pm. We were late for about half an hour. The only option and nearer was the City Mall, so we went there.

If you intended to visit City Mall in the future, be positive about getting parking space and not be intimidated by the number of cars you see going there, as with some luck you will get a good parking space. It happened with us as I was looking for a parking space, a good Samaritan signal me as he was exiting and pointed his car as I stopped to let him crossed by. What a luck as we get a parking space right in front of the elevator to the Mall.

I was wondering why there were a lot of vehicles there but in actual situation only a handful of people seen shopping at the various shops and supermarket. Was it that people goes there just to patronize the eating kiosk or most of the tenants owned more than one car parked at the parking bays available.

It was indeed a good Japanese meal and noticed a next-door café full with people and observed few people turn away as there was no table for them. Most probably will visit that café of what and why people goes there, maybe take a day off as weekdays maybe not so crowded.

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