Monday, July 23, 2012

Therapy : Korean or Japanese?

It has been a week that I was officially retired and counting with the long leave, that should be over a month that I quit working. Although it is still too premature to make assessment, I think my decision to retire early without extension was correct. It was normal to get worried of how I will adapt to the non-working environment initially.

During my long leave, what I did was to go for my morning or afternoon walk at the popular Bukit Padang jogging track and if I skipped my walk, I was driving to the outskirt of Kota Kinabalu like Tuaran and Tamparuli. There was a plan to spend the night at Kundasang and Ranau later this month.

Every day I went for the Electric Field Therapy treatment initiated by Alpha One Marketing and it is free trial. It is fully funded in collaboration with ITO Co. Ltd. Japan and each therapy centre is managed by trained therapists. Among the diseases that can be treated through this method are High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Insomnia, Gout, Stroke, Rheumatism, Arthritis, Poor Heart, Kidney problems, Sinus, High Cholesterol, Erectile dysfunction, menstrual cycle disorders, Asthma, Liver problems and many more disease.

I was introduced to this therapy by a friend and since it is free, I went for it and guess what; I met long 'lost' friends attending the therapy.

Charlie   :   There is another free therapy which is nearer.

I was at my house at Beverly Hill, Bundusan after not able to come there although I was supposed to be 'free' and also to visit my 'ikan keruk'. I was just laying on my bed for a short nap when my phone rang.

Dv   :   Is it. Where is that place?

Charlie   :   You know the old Wong Kwok tamu ground ... somewhere there lah!

Dv   :   Yeah, I think I know that place ... ok we'll look for it

Charlie  :  My friend told me that this one laying down like in bed. Bring 2 big towels.

Dv   :   What time do you want to go?

Charlie   :   My friend suggested we go for the 2.00 pm session.

Dv   :   Ok. See you there.

When I reached the place, I saw the sign Thermo-Acupressure Therapy (Korea) and parked my car with my friend nowhere to be seen. I waited for him for a while but decided to call him when it was already 2.00 pm. He was on the wrong side of the place and gave him the direction. The therapy session was in progress and after registering, we found that we were in the last session and about in an hour to wait. 

At last we were called for the therapy and I was looking forward and curious of how it would felt. The therapy machine was switched on and felt my back was massage strongly and both of us said that it was massaging my back. It was indeed nice but it was very warm on my backside.

Staff   :  I would like to to correct the assumption of what you think about this thing. This is a Thermo-Acupressure Therapy and not what you think. This is not MASSAGING ok!!

Charlie   :   Sorry.

As we were having the therapy 'massaging' we were given the briefing regarding the therapy and at the same time we also asked her good questions too. All personal belonging made from metal must be removed before any therapy were performed. It took forty minutes for the therapy to complete but it seems too short as I enjoy very much from the 'massaging' itself.

Charlie   :   How was it? I prefer the Electric Field Therapy Treatment. I will fetch you at 9.30 am tomorrow and later to the Korean therapy at 2.00 pm.

See, my activities are always full and there was no time even to update my blog just because of Korean and Japanese therapy.

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