Friday, July 27, 2012

Memory Failed

It was about 9.00 am this morning that I went to get my entrance pass for my therapy and was schedule for the 9.30 am session. I had to wait for another thirty minutes without my breakfast but that could wait and then have my breakfast. As I was waiting alone a guy approached me with a smile.

Guy   :   You are DV right?

DV   :   Yes I am DV. Sorry ah .. Who are you?

Guy   :   Are you sure you don't recognize me?

DV   :   Yeah, I am trying to remember but i couldn't remember you.

Guy   :   I am the brother of Marie.

DV   :   Oh yeah, it had been a very long time I haven't met you. You look different.

The guy name was Eric and we were staying in the same village before but the last time I saw him was during our primary school years if I am not mistaken. I really respect him for still remembering me although we have not met all those years. My memory really failed me this time.

Guy   :   I married 3 times already. One of my son is staying near my mother's house in the village. I retired        
             few years ago after the company stop operation. How many children do you have?

DV   :   I am not married.

Every time I met a friend they always asked a bonus question and I will answer them honestly. I will always hear this question forever I guess. Lol ..

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