Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sound of Silence

When you see people using headphone, have you thought of the type of music they are listening? Usually we gave the impression that what they are listening to a song they like without thinking of other sounds.

It was when a pastor shared his experienced with a jogger who was using a headphone when he was jogging. The pastor was curious of what music the jogger was hearing as he was so relax while jogging. So when the jogger completes his rounds, he approached him and asked about the music he was listening.
Pastor : What music are you listening?

Jogger : I am listening ‘Sound of Silence’.

Pastor : I really like the song too.

Jogger : Would you like to listen to the music?

Pastor : Sure.

The pastor took the headphone and put the earphone to his ear but no sound was heard. He told the jogger that there was no sound and asked him to check to his MP3 player. The jogger smile to the pastor and told him that he was listening to the ‘sound of silence’, meaning he was not listening to a music called ‘Sound of Silence’ but the sound of silence. The pastor was surprise of what the jogger told him as what he had thought of people with headphone was that they were listening to a song.
So next time you see somebody using headphone, remember that they may not be listening to a music but listening to the sound of silence.
* To listen to the Song 'Sound of Silence' just google or search for it in Youtube.

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