Friday, July 06, 2012


I was at home supervising some work to be done at my house by a contractor when I received a call from my Human Resource Dept Kuala Lumpur. She introduced herself and informed me that there was a mistake in my leave application. I told her that what was stated in the system, I followed correctly and I was not on the wrong side. She told me that she had checked and the system is wrong. I tried to argue with her but she stick to the decision that I should return to work for two more days otherwise they will cut my two days pay. As a good gesture and what the heck, it is only two days without table and a chair; I told her that I will come for work regardless. In the system I should get 18 days paid leave but the actual entitlement should be 16 days paid leave as told by my Human Resource Kuala Lumpur.

It is really embarrassing as my colleagues had sent warm goodbyes and given me a farewell souvenir as well as a lunch treat. It was a sad moment during my ‘last day’ (not to be … sigh) and they sent me off emotionally on my part.

So here I come again TM, maybe you wanted me more but I only can give you two more days. I hope my friends will give me some space and don’t bully me. I am not in the wrong but the system suck but I still love you TM.

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