Thursday, July 26, 2012

Merry Go round - Part 2

Since I missed the upside house during my last visit, I called my nephew who was on semester break whether   he want to visit the 'Rumah Terbalik'. He said he was interested and he will ask his friend if he wanted to go. It was set at 9.30 am the next morning for the visit.

It was about 10.00 am that we depart from home and we went for our breakfast at a restaurant near  Servay Supermarket in Penampang. I ordered my favorite Kan Lou Mee (with pork cooked with ketchup - Baikut) and my nephew and his friend Kan Lou men with pork Chop slices. We asked for cold Lemon tea for our drinks.

I told my Nephew and his friend to look for the upside house once we passed the Tuaran roundabout towards Tamparuli. Passing the Telibong water intake I slowed down my car as there wasn't any signboard about the upside house. I nearly missed it as I was also watching both side of the road but managed to slow down but had to enter through the exit road of the upside house. Actually it was very near to the main road but at least they should have erected signboard about 200 meters from the house.

There wasn't much to see inside the house except for all the furniture and what have you are all in an upside position. If you are one that does not appreciate something like that would felt boring but credit should be given to the person that made this place something to be proud of as this is the first in this region. I am proud that a Sabahan did made this possible. I tried and asked the staff manning the place of the average visitors coming to that place. I made a wild guess of about 100 visitors a day and she told us that there are more visitor coming during weekends and holidays. The entrance fee was RM10 for adults.

Tuaran Crocodile Farm
After the visit to the upside house, we went to the Tuaran crocodile farm without stopping at Tuaran town as we were having our lunch at Gayang Seafood Restaurant.

I had been to both crocodile farm in Tuaran and Sandakan and honestly I don't fancy the look of the crocodile. The creature is something that most people are scared. What I enjoyed at the farm was the Japanese carp and the Catfish which come to the edge of the pool waiting for visitors to feed them. I bought more than RM10 for the fish feed as I enjoy watching it fighting for the fish feed.

We spent about an hour at the farm and it was very hot and was feeling hungry too and decided to leave the farm for our lunch at the seafood restaurant atop a hill at jalan Sulaman.

As I am sleepy now, just to show some of the food that we ate at the Gayang restaurant and the price was much cheaper compared to the price of a seafood restaurant in Inanam I went recently. I hope you enjoyed my posting and the pictures.

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