Sunday, July 08, 2012

Garden Up In The Sky

Recently I went to Taiwan for a much needed tour as in preparation for my retirement which is approaching very soon. I still have to work two days although I thought I was resting already. (See related posting).
It was just a short holiday and was organized through a tour Agency and it was already arranged of which places were visited and it was quite interesting. I don’t want to write about the places that we visited but just to share my experienced with you a very interesting garden up on top of a building in Taipei.

I was in my hotel room after packing and waiting for my relatives to come back from a last minute shopping that I saw a garden at the rooftop of a building. I saw a lady watering the plants so I took my camera and took pictures. I then looked for my Samsung Tab for another pictures but the lady saw me and quickly entered her house. I was wondering why the lady ran away when she saw me taking pictures. Is she afraid that I may pass the pictures to the local authority? Whatever it was a very interesting and cool to see garden on top of a building away from the eyes of the local authority.

I wondered if it is an offence making a garden at the roof of every building in the city.

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