Friday, October 03, 2008


I was complaining about the searing temperatures on the first day of Hari raya yesterday in my blog posting but ended with a heavy downpour yesterday afternoon. It was reported in today’s newspaper that the street of Kota Kinabalu city turned to virtual rivers. Many complained of sweaty discomfort under the intense heat characteristic of the weather condition of late. Average temperature in Kota Kinabalu was found to have increased by one degree Celcius since the 60’s as said by a local geology professor.

As I was typing this posting, the sky darken amidst intermittent sound of thunder can be heard. Our office closed for three days as we were given another off day (Friday) as majority of our staff are Muslim. All goverment department and private sectors are open as usual.

Yesterday morning (2nd Day of Hari raya) I went to TAMU (Market) ground in Donggongon just to look around and I brought my camera just in case there’s some interesting to snap at. Actually, there were a lot of interesting items to shoot at but sometimes felt embarrass to take pictures. Here are some of the pictures that I managed to snap.

Pix 1 - Local Handicraft for sale

Pix 2 & 3 - Old tradition never die. You will find anything that our Mums, Auntie's and great grandma's needs

Pix 4 - Unique way to keep knives inside a cage. Good for safety reason.

Pix 5 & 6 - Although it's only 2nd day of Hari raya but our Muslim friends were selling their prawns, dried salted fish and anchovies.

Pix 7,8 & 9 - Fresh water fish like Catfish, Jalak and Eel were also on sale.

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