Tuesday, June 28, 2011

WEDDING RECEPTION – My Thought to share

Almost every weekend the community halls in Penampang district are booked six months in advance for a wedding reception. The most popular community hall is the KDCA hall and Tun Fuad community centre and followed by the Cultural centre hall. If they cannot book it on weekends then they will try to get their reception on Friday evening. That is how popular community hall in Penampang for wedding reception.

After attending so many wedding receptions at these venues, I would like to share of what I’ve seen or experience when attending these reception. It’s more of the characters of the guests, how the reception was organised and whatever was captured by my eyes.

Gone are the time of waiting your guests to leave your house (if reception held at the house) as when the time of the reception ended, let say 5.00 pm you can leave the reception hall as the guests knew the time was up. It is up to the host of the reception to proceed with the partying with family members and close relatives at their house.

If you had attended any wedding functions at these places, you will know the programmes by heart by now as there will be entrance of the married couple, cutting of the cake, tossing and short speech by the host and a song by the married couple. (Most Sabahan can sing during wedding reception. Worst after consuming local brew lol).


Have you thought of bringing your own food to a wedding reception? You won’t believe it but it does happen and I myself had the opportunity to share with them the food but it happen in another function not related to a wedding reception. I really respected this group of friends and people who know them in no way surprised of their way of bringing own food. They will bring healthy traditional food put in a containers put inside an oversize handbags. No wonder they look younger as they are selective of the food they’re eating.

It was mid-way of the reception when a group of ladies entered the hall dressed in a cowboy outfit and they really looked like what we saw on the film but smaller version (Asian size ...lol). It reminds me of my company’s Award night a fortnight ago which everybody donning F1 attire or colours. It may be good to ask your family members of the married couple to don cowboy outfit for any intending couple for their coming wedding reception.


Last weekend I attended a wedding reception and saw two European amongst the crowd and they seem lost especially the woman. I saw the woman not really comfortable because of the loud music and foreign songs to her. The young teenage boy of below twenty seems enjoying himself with free flowing of beer in his grips and in no time doing the Sumazau dance with his modified dance. He really enjoying himself but I was to understand that he fall inside a drain afterwards. If that was true than he really enjoyed himself or rather experienced culture shock.


Ever noticed individuals wearing short trouser and wearing slippers to a wedding reception and usually these types of people will sit near the bar. I don’t know whether this people were invited to the reception but what I gather is that they are not invited. Those are the group of people without principle and shame. They are disgraceful to the society and not respectful to the host and their family. The disadvantages of hosting your reception in an open public hall are that you cannot control people from coming in especially from people who disgrace themselves.

NO .. NO

Make sure your food enough for your invited guests and seldom as I experienced that the food was not enough to the guests. It is alright that your alcoholic drink is not enough rather than your food.

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