Tuesday, January 08, 2013

1029 or 2029

Hello guys. Happy new year to all readers of this simple blog. So this is my 1st posting for this year and hopefully my ideas will not fail me to write more but assure you that I have a lot of materials to write especially regarding my trip overseas but we will see how it goes yeah but no promise that I can do it. Anyway let's move on to my posting today and maybe you all had encountered the same as I did this morning.

I am a 'Preferred card' owner of a bank but just used it once. This morning I went to the bank to update my bank account or updating my shares interest. I went to the customer service counter to take my number.

Staff   :   May I help you sir?

Me   :   I want to update my ASB account. I am a 'Preferred card' holder and can I have the number?

Staff   :  Sorry sir, only when you are dealing with the account of our bank that you has the privilege.

I was a bit disappointed that I was not given the privilege number as I thought that I can also take the opportunity to update my account with the bank also. Actually the bank was only the agent for the ASB shares.

Me   :   Oh ok, I will take the normal number then.

I was waiting for my number to be called for more than thirty minutes when the customer service staff approached me asking if my number has been called already. I wouldn't be there if my number had been called already. He told me that I can go directly to the counter if I need to update only. I told him that I need to do some transaction and my number will be called soon. It was more than thirty minutes later that my number was called.

Me   :   Could you update my account please?

Staff   :   Sorry sir but I haven't called you number yet.

When I looked up for the number on the counter, it was 1029 instead of my number 2029. I apologies to the teller and quietly back off feeling embarrassed as there were a lot of people in the bank.

After dealing with the bank, I went to deal with my lucky number and hopefully it will give me luck.

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