Sunday, September 20, 2009


I posted two articles regarding MANGO and if you have not read it, maybe you should read it. I had written about my Mango tree bearing only two fruits and the other one about how a single mother make a juice out of a single Mango so that his children could taste the Mango fruit.

Last Saturday I attended a sunset mass and during the priest sermon he related a story that I would like to share with you. There was a single Mango that bear only one single fruit and there were three siblings that would have shared it between them. The eldest is a boy, a girl and the youngest is a boy. They discussed among them and concluded that anyone that has a sweetest dream could have the Mango. They keep the fruit and early in the morning every one of them should relate their sweetest dream and whoever has a sweetest dream would have to get the fruit.

In the morning one by one related their stories confidently;

Elder boy: I have a sweetest dream where I met Jesus.

Girl: Mine is the sweetest because I met Mother Mary and she kissed me.

The elder boy and the girl were confident as they waited for their younger brother to tell them of his sweetest dream. The younger boy was silent and his head was bow down all this while when his sibling were telling their stories.

Younger boy: I have this scary dream where I met an old man who asks me to eat the Mango!

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