Thursday, December 03, 2009


I read through a forum about asking forumers to give their input regarding the subject above and it was humorous to read about what they wrote. I share with my readers their input, which was more of a humor rather than their actual view of the subject. You may add to the list about yourself.

1. Lie down; cover face with pillow and cry.
2. Hit your face on the PC keyboard until it bleeds.
3. Drink fruit juice.
4. Go for car racing.
5. Fight with the person and throw anything if he's not around.
6. Punch the nose of the person that makes you angry.
7. Remain silent and forget about it.
8. Take a bible and hold it tightly.
9. Pull hairs from armpit.
10. Take a deep breath, inhale and think of school problem.
11. Drink a lot of water.
12. Drink three bottles of stout.
13. Go to Church and pray although no mass in progress.
14. Imitate the face of a cat when mating.

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