Thursday, September 22, 2011


Here is the continuation of the story I wrote titled “You would Do Anything for your loved one”, where it ended with the young lady was asked to be the surrogate for a child to a childless couple.

As there was no other alternative to help her father, she has to accept the offer to be a surrogate mother for. She made an agreement through a middleman and signs an agreement whereby when she delivered, the baby will be taken immediately and she will not see it again as she does not even know the identity of the childless couple.

She was given a place to stay by the family of the childless couple until she deliver the baby. She has to lie to her father and step-mother that a friend has a job for her in China and the offer is hard to reject as the salary is high. As her stomach became bigger she became confuse of her feeling toward the unborn child and she seldom talk to the child in her womb. By the time she was nine month pregnant, she was really attached to the unborn child and decided to run away from the house. She did not know where to go after leaving the house and decided to go to her grandmother for her help.

The grandmother was surprised to see her granddaughter pregnant and after persuasion, she relented to her and let her stay with her after reasoning her action she took.

Unaware of the step taken by the ‘middleman’ to find her she was found at her grandmother’s house in labour and subsequently sent to the hospital with the ‘middleman’ securing her until her delivery. She delivered a healthy baby boy and was breastfeed by her against the agreement made but the baby was taken away when she was asleep. She was frantically looking for her baby when she woke up and run away from the maternity hospital to look for her but all was lost as all her contact with the ‘middleman’ was disconnected.

It was three years later that her life was back to normal but every time she saw a small boy, she remembers the baby she delivered. Did she meet a boy that she thought was her baby?

To be continued .....

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