Thursday, September 22, 2011


I had posted an article regarding a lady colleague who I thought was ‘CONFUSE’ in some extend that she will sometimes shouted without regards to her colleague. Lately I teamed up with a friend to get back to her with what her own words she uttered.

She once spoke about a new system in collecting data and she mentioned that sometimes she collect the data at home through her laptop leisurely on her bed. We created a phrase that sounded like this in Malay; Dia dapat barang baru, buat kerja atas katil sambil sikat itu lumun. (Lumun in Kadazan is a nest We will repeat those words always and it seems that she soften a bit in her mood.

** Another friend that we used to tease with the ‘LUMUN’ inadvertently admitted that they never in a nude in front of their husband except in the dark. I wasn’t surprise as it was the second person that admitted the same thing.

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