Tuesday, October 11, 2011


“Uncle, Mummy getting serious”. My nephew called me from the hospital on my mobile phone as I was watching a movie in a cinema in town.

“I will be there”. I told him and told my friend that there was an emergency at the hospital and was it alright to leave. I left the cinema half through the movie.

My sister in-law was seriously ill for the past months and she was in and out of hospital and only survive with oxygen twenty four hours for the past two weeks even at home. Almost every day I tried to visit her and when something serious happen, I was the first to be called by my brother for help.

She was a strong willed mother to her six children, one waiting for her convocation to get her degree and another in his second year in a local university. The other four boys needed extra attention as they are still young and all are special children.

Even she was sick but yet she visited my old aged mother as to show my mother that she was healthy. I must say that she was the only one that could get my mother to take her medicine. My mother didn’t performed her last respect to her telling us that she might go with her if she forced herself to see her dead body.

I hugged my nephew and niece tightly during the last respect at the Church where their mother was laid for friends and families for their respect and I did told them to be strong for the sake of their siblings. Help their father to look after their needs and the life after the demised of their beloved mother.

She had suffered some much of her sickness and I know that it is best for her with the lord and pray that her children will be able to succeed and proud to their mother of her love to her children until her last breath. May her soul rest in peace.

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