Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I share with you the sermon during a sunset Mass I attended recently.

There was an old lady who met a pastor and asks him to do when her time will come.

“Father, when I die I don’t want a rosary or a crucifix placed on my folded palm but put a spoon instead”.

She told the pastor that they were a very poor family and on every weekend her grandmother will cook a very special and tasty food for her grandchildren. That was the only day that they were able to eat a proper food prepared by their grandmother.

After their special food their grandmother will prepare a dessert for them.

“Grandchildren, take a spoon and wait for the dessert that I am going to prepare it for you”.

Every weekend the grandchildren were treated with special dessert and they waited their grandmother with a spoon in hand. They were wondering what was the special dessert that their grandma preparing for them that day.

When she died the Pastor make sure that the wishes the old woman wanted was followed by her family. Everyone was wondering and surprised that a silver spoon was placed between the palm of the old lady instead of a rosary or crucifix.

Let’s reflect and wonder the meaning of the action of the old lady wanting a spoon between her palms after she died.

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