Friday, August 15, 2008


I was travelling to work to beat the traffic jam and while driving I was thinking of a nasi lemak for my breakfast on a beautiful Friday morning. There's a restaurant, a bumiputra restaurant opposite Queen Elizabeth Hospital of which I’ve visited once, that served fairly good Nasi lemak.

There were already a couple sitting in the restaurant waiting to be served when I entered. Not long, another two came and seated opposite my table and I didn’t mind a few minutes delay as they were arranging the food. We were waiting and waiting and not even one of the workers there asked us for our drinks. I was boiling inside but I controlled my anger. The other person who had waited stand up and left followed by me because at that time many people came to the restaurant. How can we support the bumiputra if even their public relation and services are really bad. The Chinese restaurant that I usually take my breakfast will greet me every morning and I feel great when at least your presence are being acknowledge. We should at least has the courtesy to acknowledge our presence. I will think twice before entering any bumiputra restaurant in the future. I guess not all are like that but hopefully it's an isolated case.


Have you experience being dumped? Yeah … everybody experienced it at least once in their lifetime.

How often you ignore you handphone calls, knowing very well that was your friend calling you.

Have you experience when you go online and noticed your friend log off. The message is clear, so if you did not notice then you are dumb.

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