Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Malaysia is a country with a harmonious and peaceful living environment where various ethnic races intermingle amicably with one another through mutual understanding and tolerance fostered through the many decades of togetherness. Our diverse culture & heritage, natural wonders, good infrastructure and modern development presents a quality lifestyle. Enjoy a life filled with exciting delightful activities, savour tantalizing local cuisine, experience unique Asian insights…you can find all and what you need in Malaysia and more.

I attended the wedding of a Muslim colleague which was last Saturday at a leading hotel. What was unique about the wedding was the mixture of many things. The setting of the hall especially the bridal couch or pelamin was very traditional Malay.

As the groom and bride entered the hall accompanied by traditional dancers, traditional music was played and later entertained to the tune of traditional dancers as they were seated on the pelamin. There was also gong beating and there was a Sumazau dance performed by the dancers.

The food served were Chinese type dishes and of course halal.
The invited guest was of different races. The groom and bride had worn the traditional dress
earlier and later to an English suit and gown. That was what we called a mixture of many cultures that they tried to portray during their wedding which was very commendable. Congratulation the bride and groom for the invitation of such a unique wedding.

My invitation to other wedding is still on my list for these coming weekends. One down 3 to go ….

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