Wednesday, September 03, 2008

MUDAH.COM ADVERTISER MAKES ME NERVOUS is a Malaysian marketplace for buying and selling Online.

My home computer was giving me problem and I was sure infected with spyware. I tried to use my available anti spyware but still unable to get rid of it. I called a technician who once attended my problem but was busy with his work. I remembered about MUDAH.COM and contacted one fellow by the name of Bona. We arranged and met and he informed me that he need at least few hours to check the problem.

I had my CPU taken by the technician since yesterday evening (4.00 pm) and until now I was not informed of the problem or had been contacted. I am getting nervous by each hour. I will give him time until noon and if he fails to contact me then I will call him. I only have his phone number and his car plate number as a security. Hopefully he keep his word, repair my computer and send back to me soonest or I will apply plan A (Plan A – don’t know yet).

The advertisement;


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Windows vista & xp genuine install (kk area)

This is an ad from individual

Having trouble with your 'pirated' windows xp or vista? ** You can come to my place and bring along your pc or laptop and I can also go to your place and take your pc or laptop. There is no charge for picking up your laptop or pc. Installation will complete within 3 hours and your pc or laptop will be sent to you at the same day. pls do contact me at 019xxxxxxx.

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