Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Kadazandusun pay to learn KadazanDusun

I read in the newspaper today regarding individuals to undertake a basic course in Kadazan language at a private learning institution in Penampang town. It may sound strange to learn and pay to learn their own language but better late than never to learn your own mother tongue.

Some of the student said that it is a waste of not learning their language as all this while they speak Malay and a bit of bazaar Kadazan. Another student whose mother a Chinese only speak English to his Kadazan father. Both student can now speak the language fluently and can converse with their friends in the community. It is commendable on the part of the student who was deprived by their Kadazan parents to teach them their Kadazan language and with commitment decided to undertake the course until they can mastered the language.

My neigbour’s children speak Malay language amongst them although their parent speaks to them in the Kadazan language. Is it because their friends, most of them speak in Malay; was the reason why the children speak in the Malay language or because of the role of the media e.g. TV etc? I think the parent should make sure their children learn the language at any cost as what we can see now; younger Kadazan doesn’t know the language.

Sign language.

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