Wednesday, September 17, 2008


My computer was returned to me after I inquired about it the next day but after testing it, I found out I was having difficulty to boot it and seems to hang. After just using it for a week I decided to send it to be repaired for the second time. I send it to the shop where I bought it in 2005.

It was booted up and checked at the Service centre and was informed the CPU was the problem. I argued with the technician about it as I was able to boot it up. He then decided to check again and will be updated of anything that needs to be replaced. The service charge for formatting, files backup and favorite’s backup would be RM30 only. Deep inside me, I know they will find ways to charge me more for the services.

I only received a call from the service centre the next day informing me that the power supply unit was having trouble and should be replaced. There was no problem with my power supply unit as far as I know but I didn’t argue with the service centre technician. In about an hour I was called to take my computer as all was repaired with charge of RM69 for which the power supply costs me RM39.

So guys out there, if you happen to have problem with your computer think twice before needing services from the advertiser. They maybe good and knowledgeable but they need experience to repair your computer.

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