Wednesday, May 18, 2011


1. Chicken Rice Juara

Yesterday was a testing day of my temper as well as a very challenging time of my life with occurrence that need some thinking and poise to passed that phase challenging occurrence.

I decided not to attend a wedding reception after reception during the weekend to attend to some important matter. After waiting for nearly two hours after the promised time and without receiving any call, I decided that any call later will definitely cancelled it. It was around 2.00 pm that I felt my stomach need to fill up and decided to look for a very fast food outlet and decided to have Chicken rice at the Chicken rice Juara cafe at Donggongon Township.

It was a self service outlet and I ordered fried chicken rice with Lemon ice tea for my drink and was told to have my seat and pay later. I was a bit angry of the failed appointment and it boiled down to my temper at that point of time but still manage to control it. I was waiting for my food and did not mind for that long wait as I thought that they were busy at that time. As I was waiting for my food, a couple entered and ordered and get their food right away. They were seated right in front of me and I was aghast with it as I was there waiting for a long time. I stood and left the outlet without so much fuss. If I did not control my temper, I should have shouted at the person who took my order and let them say sorry to me.

The problem with a cafe manned by the local people (Bumiputra) is their poor service. That is why people will look for a Chinese restaurant instead. Who will want to visit a local restaurant if the service stinks.

You are not a Champion Chicken Rice Cafe.

2. Devil verses Pray Over

I was watching a Korean Drama when I was called by my niece that her mother was having mental breakdown and asked me to come to their house. She was upstairs of the house and asked her of her problem. She said that my late father was calling her and she wanted to be with him. My sister’s house is very near to a cemetery. She was trying to leave the house but we managed to block her path. I decided to bring her home after her children asked me to do so and manage to persuade her to enter the car with both her children on her side.

She still wanted to leave the house and my old aged mother was blurred of what was going on but I tried to tell her that her daughter was not feeling well. I called my elder sister and explained to her and I need them to performed with us all for a pray over. It was almost 10.00 PM and she would be there after taking her bath.
My brother in-law and elder sister started the pray over with me still trying to lit candle used during Easter vigil when my sick sister shouted;

Sister : You want to burn me? Going away .... You burnt me.... going away.

We supported by placing our hands on the back of my elder sister and brother in-law and pray with them and at the same time my brother in-law had sprinkled holy water to her. We prayed until she slept and later we pray the rosary. Praise the lord.

It was midnight when my niece tried to wake her up to take some food but decline but she was surprised that she was at home and slept again. My nephew went home after finding their mother normal again for their bath and one of them came back later.

It was an eerie experience for me to experience such thing and indeed I was somewhat able to control the situation without showing fear of whatever we encountered. It is the faith to the almighty that we were able fight off whatever the devil intends to do with my sister.

Matthew 7:7 "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

Psalm 9:10 Those who know your name will trust in you, for you, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek you.

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