Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I was listening to the radio and the topic the Radio DJ asked listeners was to give their questions in regards to the finalists of the Unduk Ngadau (Harvest Festival). It is about their IQ or knowledge about the KadazanDusun custom and cultures. There were some listeners giving a very good question but mostly gave humorous question. That is how important the Unduk Ngadau is to the KadazanDusun due to the fact that almost all the villages celebrate the month long celebration after the end of the harvesting time.

Unduk Ngadau is the process of selecting a beautiful girl in remembrance of Huminodun which pertains to sacrifice of the beautiful girl, the only begotten daughter.

According to the Kadazandusun genesis story, Huminodun was sacrificed as an offering to the great earth so that the people will have seeds for planting and there will food for the KadazanDusun people.

What question should I ask to the Unduk ngadau contestants if you are one of the judges? That was the question posed by the DJ to the listeners. There were many questions suggested but the most significant question should be the ability of the contestants to master of their mother tongue that is any of the KadazanDusun dialect wherever district they come from. It is a worrying to the KadazanDusun people that the mother tongue eroding significantly at a fast pace and in a very short time the KadazanDusun will lost its identity.

Before we lost it we should start speaking our language to our children so that our identity, custom and cultures are protected alongside with the progress of our people in this multi racial society of this country, Malaysia.

Select Unduk Ngadau Queen who can speak KadazanDusun fluently.


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