Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I was busily doing my work when I noticed a staff with our company’s contractor (Vendor) entered our office. Once in a while our vendor’s staff met us for some matters concerning of the updating their profile and what have you. I think today’s visit was not about work.

As usual we greeted and she handed me a Brocade fan (Kipas Tangan) and I thought that she went for a holiday and gave us souvenir after she‘s back from her holiday.

Vendor staff: Open it and make sure you come.

Me: Wah it is nice and good during hot weather. (After opening, fan myself with it)

Vendor staff: Would you mind reading what’s written on the fan please!

I laugh when I was aware that it was really a wedding invitation. If she hasn’t asked me to open and read it, I would not know that it was a wedding invitation. It was a very unique way to invite your friends using Brocade fan. The only disadvantage of using it though was us is not aware of it if we are not informed verbally. It is indeed my first invitation using Brocade Fan.

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