Saturday, August 25, 2012


After eating Filipino Buko (Buco) salad, I remembered that I did make it last time after using the recipe I read few years back. I handwritten copied the simple menu and went to buy the necessary ingredient for making it.

I had already bought the tinned fruit salad, daily milk and few other things except for the young coconut. I went to Bukit Padang to buy the young coconut as the stall that I usually bought my young coconut before was out of stock due to the Hariraya holidays.

Me   :   Do you have thick young coconut but not hard coconut flesh?

Stall owner   : I think I have 3 coconuts left like what you wanted.

Me   :   Ok I’ll take it.

Stall owner   : That should be RM9.00.

I paid my coconuts and drive out of the parking bay towards the roundabout and bump I felt as I was hitting something. I looked at my rear mirror and saw the car behind me too close to my bumper and realized that I was hit from behind. I get out of my car and a young guy who was driving the car behind me came out of his car also. Before I could see the damage, the guy was clasping his hand, making a Japanese bow and asking for forgiveness.

Guy   :   I am sorry, forgive me. Nothing was broken or dented.

I checked my car and nothing was broken and smile to the guy as a sign of forgiving him. I was also relieved that I didn’t drive my other car. I was also happy that nothing happened as it would have been troublesome to deal with accident especially to a very arrogant person as I experience before. The young guy did have a huge smile and relieved.

In spite of the small matter, I made my Buko or Buco salad before I went for the wedding reception dinner but nearly drench myself because of the heavy rain.

I did not follow exactly the amount of the ingredient and it was perfect and I was tempted to increase the amount of daily milk cream/whipping cream or condense milk as it was also nice with less milk. It is really up to the individuals of how sweet you want their Buko salad tastes.

After putting it in the freezer overnight, it was really delicious when eaten on a hot day.


Anonymous said...

Weh bro..share la how to prepare this Buko...hahaha...I'm also being hit at back of my lah problem bila orang suka betul drive 'cucuk2' belakang...stupid proud..normally kalau saya tengok yg drive to pompuan or lesen "P" ada la linient sket but if not siaplah!!!!>>YS

BUTIZA'ON said...

Hahaha jangan kau ada juga pompuan yg ganas dan ada yang TERLALU ayu untuk drive. Nanti sia share itu Buko salad. Tq