Friday, August 23, 2013


Cling ... cling ...cling (my handphone incoming call)

WS  :  Butizaon, please come to the restaurant. You just passed the restaurant that we are having our lunch.

Butizaon  :  Hello, where is that?

WS   :  We are at the ground floor.

Butizaon  :  Ok I will go down. ( I was already at the 1st floor)

Since it was already lunch time and alone, I looked for the ladies and with luck shall have a free lunch. I will make sure that they will pay for my lunch.

When I was near the restaurant, two of my great ex-colleagues were waving their hands like crazy so I went to their table. I wasn't seated and yet they already asked me what I want to eat but stopped of how much should I eat ha..ha .ha. I follow Mdm Miza to the counter to order for my food. Meanwhile Mdm Tini just remain seated and I guess they already discuss about it and will pay Mdm Tini afterwards. That is their problem as long as I have free meals.

It was the longest time I took to eat my food as they were talking, asking questions and bla ..bla .. bla. Usually I am very fast when taking my food and it reminds me of a friend who took his food so slowly that I will tell him to eat faster. When you are slow while eating, it also will show the attitude of doing your work in a slow way. It's just my opinion.

It was during this conversation that my blogging was raised up and since they read my posting and few other former colleagues, I decided to update my blog so that they will at least know about my whereabouts.

Thank you to Mdm Miza and Mdm Tini for the food, uninterrupted stories, the company and most of all you drive me back to the world of blogging. No promise that there will be great posting but at least  I am back again.

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