Sunday, July 13, 2008

Congratulation to :

on your marriage which was solemnized at St Micheal Church, Penampang on the 11th July 2008.

All crackpot friends would agree that the suit worn by the groom during his wedding celebration was unique in the sense that not many bridegroom will wear during their wedding day. It is also commendable on the part of the bridegroom to wear his official formal attire as his high regard and respect of his chosen profession. The groom was wearing the police official formal attire.

The sacrement of holy mantrimony in progress by the celebrant Rev Father Julius J. Sading.

The happily newly wedded couple with families and friends during photo session. The official protographer was the bride's brother and cousin. They were really good, although they do it on part time basis, especialy family wedding etc. Any crackpot friends who intend to look for protographer can contact the blog owner.

First round cutting the cake using plastic knife ... sudah potong pun ... now miohon cake. The kadazan tradition suppose to use rice for the exchange of food between the couple but since time changes and way of life changes, we use cake instead. Ok what!

Getting ready to receive guests at Putra Ballroom, Bukit Padang, Kota Kinabalu. I stopped them for a photo session before they went to the main entrance.

Two beautiful ladies waiting for guests to sign the guest book.

The usherettes team having a great time showing guest to their seat although it's free seating. Actually they really did a good job ..... takut nanti meeting post mortem kena bantai oleh pengerusi ... strict tau itu pengerusi.

The bride and groom entering the main ballroom with applause from the guests.

2nd round cake cutting ... What so funny ? ... maybe they spoil the cake. The groom used his long sword to cut the cake. The sword has a blunt blade and made of steel or a mixture of some iron.

Yamseng ....
1st toast - For the groom & bride to be happily married, in whatever situation, to love forever and blessed with children.
2nd toast - To the parents that they will support, lead and guide them to start a new family together and to look after their grandchildren.
3rd toast - To thank the guest for attending the reception and also the red packets.
The toast was not the actual text but just some humor by the writer.

Sumazau time where sumazau participants were forced to drink segelas .... aramai tii.

Some of the family members .... not dancing?

Candid shot ...... the bride in red dress.

The singers .....

The dancers .....

Congratulation and best wishes from the blog owner.


LOMBIDOT said...

Congratulations to Luther and Phillis!

BUTIZA'ON said...

For the benefit of Phillis & Luther, Esther is the daughter of Blasius & Fanny married to a handsome American guy and living in USA.