Monday, July 28, 2008

Eating Out – Mangrove View

I thought getting annual leave for 2 days was a time for relaxation but alas that’s not the case. I had just paid my insurance policy when I received a call for some urgent matter. All urgent matters was taken care and was relaxing with a friend, a late breakfast with a Twister (KFC dish) when a colleague reminded me of a lunch at a Mangrove view Seafood restaurant at Jalan Sulaman. to ‘celebrate’ their transfer to another unit. It was already 11.00 am and my twister was really yummy but since the lunch was about in an hour or so, I had to give my ¾ twister to my friend to finish it and i rushed myself for the lunch appointment.

In my opinion Seafood are best eaten during night time where you can take your time savoring delicious seafood. If you rush your food, like going back to you office, then you wouldn’t enjoy the taste of the food.

I remember one former premier once said; When you feel the food is really delicious and just enjoying the food, stop eating altogether.

Maybe if you don't stop eating, you tend to over eating and that's why some of us having big belly.

Live Prawn Mantis put inside plastic bottles individually to avoid fighting each other. Clams before they were cooked.

Clams cooked with Bird's eye chillies. Though it was cooked with lada padi but it was not really hot.

Red Talapia the non seafood also available at the restaurant.

Steamed red Talapia cooked with nyonya sauce. Cooked with perfection.

Steamed Prawns which was delicious but I ate only two for health reason. So sayang .....

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