Monday, July 21, 2008

My Birthday

I was looking forward for my birthday dinner last Sunday when I come across a very interesting articles by a well known former politician regarding birthday celebrated by the Kadazan. How appropriate it was as I can add some arguments or opinion regarding the birthday celebration by my race.

The word he uses ‘MOMUGAH’ means shaving of hair on a head of a child when the child reaches the age between six months to a year. Momugah is the first of three traditional ceremonies in the lifespan of a Kadazan, wedding ceremony the second and lastly the final ceremony is the funeral. It was also said that Kadazan do not celebrate birthday and if they do, the birthday celebration is a western influence.

MOMUGAH is a literally forgotten word as it is seldom practiced now and I am sure many of us do not know the meaning. What we know now is the word birthday or hari jadi. The difference of the two must be the ceremony performed by shaving or cutting the hair of a child. The feasting and merry making is the same depending on the celebrant budget.

My birthday dinner was successful and I must thank my sister-in-law and nieces for table booking and selecting the best food especially the roasted duck which proved to be popular. Thank you also for the cheese cake, presents and most of all their presence. I will also take note for any coming birthday dinner to remind them beforehand not to bring any presents. It makes me feel old already … hahaha.

As of my previous posting, I was unable to post pictures of mouth watering dishes this time as we started late and we were all hungry. Soon after saying the grace everybody started savoring the dish including myself. I was able to snap only one dish which came late and one drink.

It makes me felt uncomfortable for not able to invite all families but we have time again next year. Coincidences of celebration was the result some was not invited.

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