Monday, June 22, 2009


I was watching television on father’s day when one segment of the prime news at 8.00 pm was dedicated to father’s day where a sacrifice by the father to his son by donating his kidney to his sick son.

Father’s day is a day of honouring father, celebrated on the third Sunday of the month of June every year.

The basic role of a father is not only provider for basic needs but also a protector to his family. He is responsible for protecting the family from physical danger but also from spiritual danger. It is therefore important for him to lead the family prayer and ensure that the children would not tread on the wrong of life.

If the father had neglected his familial responsibility when the children were younger, all iS not lost with modern technology they could get in touch with them just a click away.

I was touched by the sacrifice by the father by donating his vital organ to his son, as he wants his son to live. The son was found to have kidney problem when he was young and the only option was to have kidney transplant. The family decided it that the father donates his kidney to his son.

“ I will never be able to repay what my dad did to sacrifice his kidney to my life. I love my dad and I will study hard and to pursue my ambition ”

Let us not question the love of our father toward us as he may differ his love to each and every one of us. Sometimes father do not show his love to his children in a way that we would like compared to the mothers. My late father for example only showed his love towards me only when he lay in bed seriously sick waiting for his day to come.

My father was a very strict but loveable and he sometimes advocated the use of the cane to discipline us but it was rare. Although he had many mouth to feed and sometimes I was thinking how he raised all of us with only a meager and not fixed income. He really proved to us that being the captain of the family need extra effort to give fairness to his children although it could not be achieved hundred percent.

I was spending the night watching my father in the hospital room way back then and he was really sick. How would you as son felt when your sick father barely could move would give his extra blanket to you which you think would be more needed by him than you? Love you Tama.

Responsible fathers are always there for us when we needed them and never ever think that if your father never shows his love to you, he has a different ways not just hugs or praises.


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