Tuesday, June 02, 2009


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A reporter's job or role is to essentially report news. It involves two steps: To collect information (from all possible sources) and then you write down the story in a journalistic style. (Remember you are writing for a reader/listener/viewer/surfer.)

A blogger’s role is to write something that interest them alone, whether it might not interest to many readers. They try to make something interesting at their own satisfaction and a kind of trying to share some topic through their blog.
Actually I am not writing about reporter or blogger but just to share my experience with other photographers and bloggers to get a best angle for any interesting object or events.

I was at the KDCA hall last year to get the picture of the winner of the beauty contest when I only mange to snap the hands, head and camera of the photographer as I cannot get to the front. I was frustrated then but this year I was well prepared and took a very good spot but out of almost 20 shots I took only about half were good due to jostling of photographers behind me which unable me to take good pictures. I only uses cyber-shot camera and I guess I need sponsors to buy me one. Interested of having the Nikon D90, which is very expensive, that is more than RM4K.

I took pictures of fellow photographer during my niece wedding just for fun then but during the Kaamatan festival at KDCA, again I took pictures of them with their antics and expensive cameras.

Looking at some of the photographer, most of them are professional working for a living out of the pictures they took and a sizeable number with cyber-shot camera mostly bloggers or individuals and tourists.


Anonymous said...

Tabalnya mekap si sumandak...

Syuruklah tersnap juga ko behind these tukang gambar hehehekekeke

BUTIZA'ON said...

Bah itu sumandak bilang skali saja bah tadau kaamatan jadi kena bermekap pun kena tabal skit ... panas bah itu matahari so at least make-up itu sebagai conditioner bah