Sunday, June 14, 2009


I was watching the Asian food channel a TV program last night where Chef Wan was telling his foreign guest about the use of the kettle as in the picture. I remembered my brother telling me his embarrassing moments when attending a Hari raya party he attended where he was invited by his friend a long time ago.

When attending open house or any party you will find this kettle, sometime a very beautiful kettle, placed amongst the dish served in front of you. It would be wise if you just follow what others do with the table manners if you are not well verse with the do’s and don’ts of other races. It would be more appropriate if you ask questions of what or how you go about the things in front of you.

You: Is this kettle for drinking water?

Host: Sorry, this is for washing your hand. Do you want some drinking water?

You: Yes please, thank you.

My brother was served with air bandung drink and after finishing his drink he need some water to drained the sweetness in his mouth. Without thinking and thought that the kettle in front of him was containing water, he helps himself with a glass of water and drank it. The host and his family gasp in horror watching him empting his glass of water and politely informed him that the water was for washing hands. He was really shocked and embarrassed of his misfortune.

So people, next time if you see the same kettle in front of you be aware that it is for washing hand and not for drinking.

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